Rainbird Wiring Diagram (2024)

1. [PDF] 2-Wire Path Layout and Connections - Rain Bird

  • There are two types of configurations that can be used for the layout of 2-wire paths: STAR or. LOOP. The controller will supply up to four separate 2-wire ...

2. [PDF] Controller

  • The following diagrams show wiring details for pump start relay and pump motor starter wiring for various Rain Bird controllers. Figure 1: This is a basic pump ...

3. [PDF] Connect Valve Wires - Rain Bird

4. [PDF] PSR Wiring Diagram - 110v - Rain Bird

  • WIRING DIAGRAM. RBSR242WG11111. LARGEST MOTOR. 2. ENCLOSURE RATING. Nema Type: 3R ... Use copper wire rated at 75 Deg. Celcius only - - - Disconnect ...

5. [PDF] PSR Wiring Diagram - 220v - Rain Bird

  • WIRING DIAGRAM. RBSR242WG21111. LARGEST MOTOR. 5. ENCLOSURE RATING. Nema Type: 3R ... Use copper wire rated at 75 Deg. Celcius only - - - Disconnect ...

6. [PDF] Simple-To-Set Smart Controller Installation Guide - Rain Bird

  • Locate Controller so that it is convenient to run control wires to valves and weather sensor. If using attached power cord, locate controller within 5 feet of ...

7. [PDF] Rain Bird - ESP-LXME

  • B Connect WR2 wires. Conecte los cables del sensor WR2.

8. [PDF] SST - Rain Bird

  • The timer will not function if the jumper wire is removed and a rain sensor is not connected. Connect the two wires from the sensor to the RAIN. SENSOR ...

Rainbird Wiring Diagram (2024)


How to find broken sprinkler wire? ›

When using a wire-tracking tool you can hear the signal strength as well as follow the null meter. The signal will be stronger on either side of the current being sent through the wire from the wire tracking tool. After you have located the break, it is helpful to cross the path to narrow down the hot spot.

What is the 2 wire path in Rainbird? ›

The 2-Wire path can be installed as a STAR configuration, or as a LOOP configuration. The ESP-LXD Decoder Controller will supply up to four separate two-wire paths, of the STAR configuration and up to two separate 2-Wire paths, of the LOOP configuration for decoders.

How do I find the common wire in my sprinkler system? ›

Every valve has two different wires coming from it: a common wire, and a dedicated wire. The common wire is usually white in color and runs from your controller to your master cylinder and then to each of the other valves on your irrigation system in turn.

Does a sprinkler system need a dedicated circuit? ›

Electrical power for fire pumps shall be supplied by a dedicated circuit.

How do I find my sprinkler lines without digging? ›

Without digging, it is possible to find sprinkler lines by getting a design map from the company that installed the system. If this is not possible, one could go to the valve box and follow a line back to each of the head sprinklers in a circuit. Or one could utilize an electronic water-detection device.

How do you find where the wire is broken? ›

How do you measure where a wire cable break is?
  1. Multimeter detection method. First, connect one end of the entire dead cable to the high current wire, leaving the other end blank. ...
  2. Sensitive pen detection method. ...
  3. Use audio probes. ...
  4. Cable Fault Tester. ...
  5. Line test method. ...
  6. Acupuncture detection method. ...
  7. Wire drawing detection method.
Jun 7, 2023

Can thermostat wire be used for sprinkler wire? ›

A thermostat wire cannot be used for a sprinkler wire because it is not ranked for direct burial. If anything, it is best to keep sprinkler wire and thermostat wire to their respective applications. The differences in price are not significant to swap one for the other for budgeting reasons.

How do I tell which wire is live? ›

Testing the Wire: Touch the red probe to the wire you suspect to be live (hot wire). Touch the black probe to a known ground (ground wire or a grounded metal part). If the wire is live, the multimeter will display the voltage. Reading the Results: If there's a voltage reading, the wire is live.

How far can you run sprinkler control wire? ›

Wire Distance (Controller to Valve)
Ground Wire (size)Control Wire (FT)
18 AWG / 1.0 mm8501040
16 AWG / 1.2 mm10401340
14 AWG / 1.6 mm12101650
12 AWG / 2.0 mm13501920
3 more rows

Which wire is common on a sprinkler valve? ›

The common is generally the white wire, but I have depicted it as Blue in the wiring image, just to make it stand out. As you can see, the common connects to each valve, along with a different color of wire run to each separate valve.

Are sprinkler wires AC or DC? ›

AC volts (VAC) – Alternating Current, this is household voltage. Most irrigation solenoids operate on AC voltage.

How do I find a crack in my sprinkler line? ›

Once you identify any wet areas, shut off the water and dig in those places to expose the pipes. Now, open the water once again. You will see a gush of water or small bubbles on the line with the leak, depending on how big the crack on the pipe is.

How do I find a pinched sprinkler line? ›

How to Find Sprinkler Lines
  1. Mark the Heads. Your sprinkler heads have to stick out of the ground or they won't work. ...
  2. Trace From the Valves. The sprinkler heads are not the only important part of mapping out the lines. ...
  3. Probing. After we have traced the lines to a place that needs work, we'll probe for components. ...
  4. Digging.
Jun 30, 2021

Can a metal detector find sprinkler wires? ›

Metal detectors can precisely locate the sprinkler's heads, which will then be used to find the route of the pipes and wires. Metal detectors can also detect valves which contain screws and solenoids. In the case of a faulty system, you may see dry patches on the irrigated field.

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