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to this business uptake these voltage by the 6 bank gross dot net on the dash before to use the the hello, i'm money inside. this is a new sound line from coming up in the next 60 minutes. the morning and central gaza off is really a strong skilled thousands of palestinians, including women and children. heis intentions in oki parties, torrison ultra nationalist is riley's making incursion into the alex. the most comes home during a controversial annual riley regional allies, a set to hold coalition troops with the indian prime minister and they're under moody also. his policy failed to win a majority. and we report from the indonesian island of north lucan when mount ebay,

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who has a rough tips, spearing ash 7 kilometers into the sky. and i'll find out how much with your sports kid in back. they speak to the media for the 1st time since joining real madrid, we'll hear from the frost captain who will be in action later as his sized footpath for the us. the hello welcome to the program. it's 10 g m t. we begin in central garza where the is really ministry is once again carrying out as strikes targeting heavily populated areas at least $75.00 published indians have been killed across the region in just a 24 hour period. now attacks have been targeting the elbow res, out in the gauzy and out in deserts, refugee cans. israel says it's ground forces have moved into alvarez. this body

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bags have been piling up to the nearby, overwhelmed alexa hospital in there. all bella is ready jets in artillery up in targets in the area with tens of thousands of forcibly displays. palestinians have been seeking shelter. let's hear now from talk about assume he is outside. i likes the hospital for the latest developments. the is very military. you had to started and you met it, treat encourage, and in the eastern area. so a great refugee camp alongside with my guys. they refuse to come. now these areas are located in the middle regions of the goals a strip. and so i only fall away from the every by a few kilometers. and this reflects the, is rarely at present in escalation on the ground as they are right now. pushing the troops, trying to get deeper into to a grades refugee come alongside with this ongoing operation in a roughly district in the fall south of the gaza strip. but the green realities

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that this military includes and has been a combined by a wide just came ariel and bland them problems of residential buildings. and people, gatherings, especially in, i'm a say rock, a break and even in direct. but at least twice palestinians have the report of killed endeavored by the office of the house being completely targeted without receiving any kind of a fry, a notification of morning by the spend a minute 3 and mainly the unlucky refuge account also was the main focus for decent tax state college, so you have to bring the total number of victims being killed within the past 24 hours only in the middle. the area to reach 75. how the city is being killed so far? well, a little earlier are exposed to korean has to, from doctors without borders about the conditions. medical teams inside garza are dealing with, let's have a listen. almost half his doctors without borders has been and goes up prior to the war. and now we've re shifted our activities to provide uh, just

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a primary health care work which is um, a lot of vaccination uh, medical consultations, rehabilitation wound care maternity services, pediatric services. we're also having a outpatient amount of attrition clinics. we've shifted our trauma, advanced trauma capacities to do advance wound care in our clinics, to contrast the hospitals, there are still functioning. that's pretty much what we're doing now. we haven't vision on the north as soon as we can go there to uh, to assess the needs and respond as fast as we can. and could you tell me, how did you see the medical condition across this trip? any particular deluxe the hospital? yeah, it's been, you know, was there in january, february, and already the conditions where dire, but this time i think it's, it's even worse than that with the, the is riley and persian. uh,

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in the drop off. uh we have seen uh, pretty much in a near collapse of the uh, health care system of hospitals and that offer are no longer existence. there are only 2 field hospitals that are spending right now providing whatever care they can to the population. that remains. and so what is happening now is that you have access to a hospital uh, which tends pretty much alone uh, trying to provides a critical, critical medical services to the population um last night towards that catastrophic nights with incredible bombings on blue ridge camp in san eunice in the middle area in the fall and this hospital received in the last 24 hours, 75 patient sore dead on arrival and went over 300 critically wounded patients. it is beyond anything that. 5 my set of the

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policy and colleagues that we have here and some medical organizations providing a clear political support. it's just beyond anything we can imagine. um, i was talking to uh, the father of a patient who was asking me, he said, where are the humans, where are the humans and i'm used to emergencies, but i have to say that i broke down and then he broke down as when it's it's, it's just hard to comprehend the amount of instrument and t that's that there is right now being while a prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that israel is preparing for what he calls strong action in the news. he made the comments during a visit to an army base in northern israel and comes off to a missile launched by the lebanese on group. has buller hit the area this week,

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causing a huge on a lot. i'm about apple. yesterday. the ground was burning here and i'm glad you pushed us out. but the ground was also burning and living on the ways it thinks they can help us. and we will sit highly by is making a big mistake and we have prepared for a very strong action in the north and in one way or another. we will restore security to the north a spring and on our shores, professors, security and ministry studies. i think the hall is the chief of graduate studies. scripts is here again, m r. let's start with a situation in the notes that we have seen an escalation of pricing in the north, but we've also seen in a run hang up with the rest of it. when it comes to the israeli government about a war in the north, how serious they should we take this? i think we should take it very seriously. i think a water in the north is likely but not now because because that is not finished yet the operations in rough and central gas line easy. these a strong points that,

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that from them come in. raids in particular that is in gaza that that me, that the, for the operation is not over. but once it is over, i think we're probably talking september, maybe you will see a serious escalation in the north. this particular, if this particular government remains, it sees the north or the threat, it says the attacks and the noise has engendered old was an escalation from, from his law. so now since last february, we're seeing more rockets rocket attacks from the south of 11 and then from gaza. a consistent the since then, we the, the way it is deployed to brigades to regular brigades up in the north plus the conscripts, and that is service. and there are more or less regular exchanges, so it's a state of the escalating situation with a vision that the, the north is a threat then maybe it needs to be dealt with at some point perhaps date that of this year. so in terms of what is happening in gaza at the moment,

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we know these really armies around forces have moved into the bridge refugee camp, which is in central gaza daryl bella. this is a part of gauze at the beach army has previously set its already cleared out, move in one. so what is the significance of them going back in again? so it tells you that the they failed in the operation. they the all of the, basically, i don't getting hold of us out in getting in destroying battalions of how much that is. so they, they, the, the declaration that the sometimes you hear dismantled, which means that the, the, they do not operate as a large information. they are, they're operating a sales and there is no communications. so this is what they mean by this method. sometimes they, they say destroyed as happened in the, in beta here for example. and then we see these organizations, or these units reconstituting again, or you see movement from one area to the other, which means what if the unit is edited one area is the, all the units will support at the end, we'll send some men and some of munitions and some weapons to that same area. so

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the ground lines of communication and the on the ground lines of communications. we're not got yet to do. this means that the operation is not functioning or the misery strategy is not functioning. so what they do right now is they try to find a strong points and, and the staging area is like the net setting quarter, for example, that cuts divides guys that into north and south. and from there they would launch operations. this happens from the buffer zone that they created from the net setting corridor and now probably from philadelphia quoted or in the far south in real far where they the i see now the creation of more strong points did. and it will be basis for rates. so just to say what you, what you're trying, what you're saying, i think is the intention themselves in, in these particular sports. so distribution base rights, is that what you mean? i mean, then the aim is to stay that for the foreseeable future. yeah, it will be the occupation with the 4 digit occasions with the deployments in raids

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that are going on with some rotations of these troops. but i think they would probably the, they're probably thinking ok, if we cannot destroy them, we would need strong positions to, at least on the mind them. and every now and then the intelligence will tell you, you know, there are, there is a movement that, is that a constitution efforts in this, it is like in duration, and they will go, the problem with this is that the civilian dest all is increasing. so we, we, we saw this is part of your with football, so you the media work and then i'll just you to and others, the focus on real far has led to it less than this. so this is all disobedience because they are much, much careful because they don't want more pressure is more international pressures . so what happens now is that we saw this decrease from who, from about 200 civilian or 200. this is most disobedience per day. all the way to on the 50 and then uh, off of that off operation that has increased from that. now we're talking in the range of a 100 per day. so it increases to study. and this is all because of these continuous

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rates and these uh, repositioning, and these strong points are an interesting to get your perspective on our assure, profess of secure seen ministry studies at the home institute of graduate studies. thank you. now the world health organization says palestinians in garza being forced to drink sewage water to survive as conditions across the strip rapidly to tear h is riley restrictions on a have meant clean water is now increasingly discuss and the united nation says the lack of fuel has forced the selling nation songs to shut down list indians have been traveling long distances to find water. many spend hours in line every day to receive it. when the humans top humanitarian official mountain. griffith is judging for the safe entry of desperately needed some monetary and 8 into gaza. we need say fruits, we need better access. we need them to have clarity about how aid work, cuz what needed to help the distribution of a you don't just drop the age and go,

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it needs to be distributed so that the most vulnerable get the priority that they should be. and they've been able to go back to their work safely. so it's not rocket science. this is something we need everyone. the images of a headless baby and rough uh, often is rarely as tried late in may show the weld it through widespread condemnation. 18 month old i said was i'm on 45 people killed in a strike on the displacement. cam failed with families. does air has spoken to his grieving father and brothers. camille not to like has the story. the family united in grief who dreamed of being a doctor all kind of dreamed of being a pilot, just 18 months old osmond hadn't yet had a chance to dream of becoming anything. down the jaws wife and 3 children were killed and is ready to strike on a displacement. come in,

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rafa show how to continue to use or say order. can i saw the bodies of my wife, my daughter, her to my son are con and my baby osmond i was told he was headless. i just picked inside the body bag and sized body without a head. i couldn't stand to see any more. i lifted up again and walked away from the end of all the capitated in the last estimate was among the 45 people to the attack. many others at the comp, dunden lloyd in the tents. they had been staying in his ready designated safe area . they were killed just 2 days off to the international court of justice, ordered israel to stop. it's in person into rafa. despite f, let's find a day. this is how his family tries to remember him. they kept his toys and clothes, source of comfort and pain. most of all that all up that you know,

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and every time i look at my brother's belongings, i'm overwhelmed with grief. i hope to be killed. so i can join him in heaven. i missed my sister and for others, i miss them. all of them on the table. understand who i missed. my mother, my sister who died and my 2 brothers are coming from it a wish they'd never been killed. i missed them too much from its head was never found and his family were forced to bury him without it. of his grades is next to his mother and siblings in the ruins of gaza. community back out to sierra alter nationalists is riley's marching through okey pod east jerusalem as part of this so called flag day celebrations and monks israel's illegal occupation of the area offices in 1967 rule crowns have made and cousins into the o acts of most compounds and recently is thousands of people have joined the march

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through the city waving flags and shante races slogans. las vegas settlers protected biased rarely falls is also attacked palestinians. now, which is to remind at benjamin netanyahu, his cabinet, his band al, deserve from reporting. and his ro, which is weiss, our cart now joins us from the jordanian capital, amman, so good to see a so how provocative move is this a to allow this flag not to take place given what's happening in dawson. it's a very controversial influx. a few years ago i promise to benjamin netanyahu has diverted the routes and then last year, as a allows, it was a whole debates as to whether it would be allowed or not. and clearly this year that relying it's once again it's, it's uh, controversial for many reasons. festival, the location of how it happens and where it happens. they come through the same quotes as in the old city they. and so from. c damascus gate,

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all along those narrow car doors up to the west and wall, a shop saw earned by palestinians. they south towns and c, r of anti palestinian slogans. they've damaged property before and it tends to be organized by young, ultra nationalist. if you take a look at some of the videos, you'll see lots of them all teenagers. but not just alternation is rights. wing is right. religious rights we is a very much box by those far right. ministers is like it's small, but it could be the national security administer which, who has been accused in the quotes many times before, for racism against ours. before he even came into this coalition government, then you have the uh, find out. so what is the best all smart trips? uh, an old. so they all the ones the ink cartridge. uh, the storming of, i'll ox up most compound when it's not visiting hours. so this, especially in the context of the will,

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is appropriate. my 6 full palestinians. it also represents an occupation that has increased. it's a crack sound on palestinian since the war stocks it is gone, so those that we met and occupied is roosted him. i've spoken so many of those shop earnest faithfuls even leave their homes at times and it's only recently that they've been actually allows a certain age that was banned from entering the old city. the police of allowed them to and so, but not without those checks. constant checks and arrest, sometimes a arbitrary arrest. i'm been, i lose palestinians. why so this much is a provocative march and it has turned into violent ones and previous years since each. uh and sorry, i know, of course you are. you have reported from that before, but so because i'll just there is not allowed to report from israel anymore. you'll notice that yourself, do you have a sense to tool from reports, how the mood is that today?

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what are we expecting later today when the march actually begins? well, it's expected to tens of thousands of uh, is raised to attends, waiving those flags. and in fact, 3000 police officers, both the police have been deployed in the area. they know that this time it's a very volatile time, certainly as israel is on the immense international pressure to wrap up the will and gaza and also a highlights on abuse of palestinian prison is rounding them up in the thousands on the terrible conditions. and also the number of those policy menus been killed and occupied, not just occupied. you're east jerusalem, but also the occupied west bank, so they're aware they don't want that violence. but at the same time, there is a movement towards this kind of ultra nationalistic movement. so this is affecting a day to day life of palestinians and said to me on the,

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the current circ*mstances with this rule, it's incredibly tough whether we'll see any of those cautions. it's hard to tell because pa, this thing. and so in the old of how this thing is that we have spoken to before have said that they have tried to advise the young kids, especially if the men not to leave their home, especially during these sorts of situations. okay, thank you for that sort of car at that for us in amman, and just to remind to a benjamin netanyahu. his cabinet has found out his era from reporting inside israel. the us house of representatives has voted to sanction the international criminal course. it comes off to the eyes, the seas chief prosecutor applied for rest words for his riley prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and the defense minister us government. the prosecutor has accused them of war crimes in gaza is also seeking warns for 3 of how much lead is the us bill is largely symbolic, since washington does not recognize the jurisdiction of the i. c,

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c, partridge, or castro. who's this report from washington? for since the republican sponsored bill passed the us house of representatives on a vote of 247 to one and 55. again, this was sponsored by republicans, but 42 democratic members of the house joined in this vote as well, which is a strong symbolic rebuke of the i. c. c. and his chief prosecutors position and seeking a rest warrant for is rarely leaders. now what this measure would do if it were to become law law and that is still a big if it would impose us sanctions and visa restrictions against the i. c, c's, judges, it's staff and their family members. anyone involved in the prosecution of this case? this is, it's something that the white house is actually a po was going as far as to sanction the i c. c, with a statement that was released on monday from joe biden saying that he strongly

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opposed the sanction effort because he believes there are more effective ways of he says, defending is real. there has been deep concern though, across the us political spectrum against the i. c. c's seeking of these arrest warrants with by didn't saying that there was no he kept equivalent equivalence. he says between these really leaders named in this proposed arrest warrant and the mosse leaders that are named as well. now, where this measure goes from here is anyone's gas, because in the us senate is likely has a bigger hill to climb. the senate is controlled by democrats and it's unclear whether they'll even take up this bill or whether it has the support to pass. and then of course, finally, the hurdle will be the white house in itself. president biden has not explicitly said he would veto this proposal to sanction the i c. c, but he has again condemned it so that veto threat is very real reporting from washington. heidi joe castro out a 0. the

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and the as prime minister never under moody is holding crucial tools with political allies to form and you government. the beach. i. p has failed to secure an outright majority in the 6 week long general elections and will need support from allies to form a government for the claim victory on choose day saying his allowance will return for the consecutive tub. let's take a closer look at some of those results. this is the make out the feet look so bad that as india is low, a house of parliament, no policy needs $272.00 seats to cross the majority loc, the collision that includes moody's policy has lost 59 seats. so the opposition block with the acronym india has gained more than a 100 into the most popular states of protest is often regarded as the biggest

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prize in the election. but the beach i p last it to a regional party, including 2 high stakes seats. now in the state of west gaul, the b. j. p. failed to make inroads off to spending a great deal of its campaign f. it's trying to gain ground that now in the southern states of tamil nadu, all set to united states have gone to the opposition coalition. and in many pull off the year of ethnic violence killed more than $200.00. the b j p. well no seats in the northern states, a punjab, the beach i. p last, the 2 seats that held in the previous election. sit out of other option is the founder and editor at the why in india he says during the moody and the b j. p will find the coalition difficult to manage a movie is facing perhaps the most serious at becca visibility career. but because this is the 1st time that he has gone into the election and failed to get them was

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already on his own. i've talking about his record assistant instead of course now is recorded and actually the ballistics of the factors are the parties of the body lost as many as 63 seats compared to his performance in 2019. so the fact that he comes back in the form of a coalition with southern allies who on the door is the unstable, i think is uh, is, is it political out of moral defeat form is the movie. it's a different matter that he's not a politician. used to, um, you know, loving proper lessons from this kind of audit. notice the poppy jumped up at the enrollment party because it's completely built into him. but essentially he will be looking to carry on as usual as, as of nothing has changed. but the fact is that the rain has shifted it in get to the it has a strong, a viable opposition of the public at large as the way demonstrated that it disagrees with. that opposes many of his policies. these are difficult offload, supposed to be happy to manage. and uh, you know, clearly the next 5 years,

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the best of all the last that long, that the done with these kinds of allies will be, will be very difficult. i think that the be uh, you know, is going to have his back to the board with these sorts of bottles in the you k will go to the polls on july, the falls and prime minister wishes to knock has gone head to head with kids. stomach, they need to be label opposition policy in the 1st televised debates, the latest tackle several issues, including the cost of living and immigration, as well as health care during the whole house move from london. she's still not on his stomach. they say the latest debates can electrify an election campaign. there were plenty of sparks flying. in this one case, the alma would put all that progress at risk. he would put up everyone's taxes by 2000 pounds, 2000 pounds in high taxes for every working family in all countries, the case the whole, i just don't know how you feel when you hear a problem, it is to say having heard what you're going through but the plan is working, it's

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a right you've had with the conservative party so far behind in the opinion polls and the dog prime minister, risky so not desperately needs to change the dynamic for these approach solidly one of attack. if we want to transform our country for the better and deliver secure a future, you've got to have lisa as to what for past due big, bold things. the oldest on for the leader of the opposition keeps tom was preparation would have come down to a simple strategy. stay calm, don't slip up, act prime ministerial. the selection is about who country works for the pay triptych belief. the person can be back to a must be better off we just because of cost to have a home the promise of change of to 40 use of conservative government. and i know the prime ministers are where they cited in the 1st how many minutes of despite the details and won't have anything to do with the last voltage is, i'm sorry,

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the problem is to get my voltage, just cost it off, but everybody else is living with it $2.00 weeks into the election campaign and with 4 still together, things can change, though they haven't up to now in a debate for the fractious drum or an open frustrations they was little sign of a killer below between 2 men generally considered quite though, well they certainly weren't tonight, but despite his strong performance, things weren't necessarily shift in prime minister. so next favor. if anything officer, a faltering stuff in the pouring rain, things could yet get worse. conservative nemesis, the architect of breaks it $9.00 to $5.00, he's running for parliament as leader of the fall rock reform party rose had a been on a milkshake thrown at him during his campaign loads in practice in essex. but that wound stuff, his party peeling away, yet more dwindling support from su. next conservatives jo to help out to 0, not located erupt and on nicholas on an in central philippines has fullest hundreds

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of people to leave the homes of this time lapse video shows the moment, mounts come low on 1st erupt in blowing out an ash cloud. 5 kilometers into the sky and in indonesia, mount ebay who has erupt. it again, it is the latest in the series of robinson's recorded since may. authorities have evacuated. several villages near mount e booths, found to be lo, has moved from west helm the hair. and so we are within the 7 kilometers danger zone, around mount able in eastern indonesia, which has been a rough thing, almost daily since may 16th. now, more than 2600 people have been evacuated from 7 villages around the volcano, which is why around here you'll see the houses are empty. but there are soldiers that are stationed here and over on the other side military trucks because these

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people that had been evacuated, some of them come back during the day to watch over their properties to do daily tasks. and so the troops are here to evacuate them in case the volcano erupt. now, it may look like it's calm right now, but it has been abrupt thing, almost daily, and there have been more uh, tens of thousands of tremors, actually since may 1st. since before the 1st through updates on may 16th and the alert level was raised to for the highest of a 4 tier level system here in indonesia. now again, it'd be a little com, but you can see on the side of the mountain there is ash that is level flow. a call according to bulk knowledge is and so the danger is not just the interruption, but the, there's also the danger of cold lava flow flowing not just into the danger zone, but beyond the danger zone. and so this is really up ending thousands the lives of

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thousands of people here, children who cannot go to school, people who cannot go to work at thousands of hector's, of coconut plantations around the volcano that cannot be tended to. and this is the last 2 weeks could last month, could even last year's barn to below. i'll just 0 western how my hair indonesia still has on the al jazeera, you as president joe biden, tyson's restrictions on the southern buddha, looking to limit the number of asylum seekers from mexico plus the veneration. so being held in from smoke the atm anniversary of the day for a live updates the the

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hello, the you guys just had it, which is to spring in nearly 40 is spent a dial in dime perfect, but it has been his warmest on rac code over the next couple of days we will see much cooler at talking get across north, west and positive. you're probably say every apply pressure. so somebody with a potent bloss just coming in across mount to that northwestern corner of here. here's a cold front metal. think his wife of the south was suddenly freshen up from october north west of here. pretty active system. there's some heavier re, maybe i'm some smoke over the norwegian mountains, with the weather getting into west wait and see how it comes back down across the western positive potent in, across jeremy. we'll see some what the weather also just running across the low countries. a lot of the shot was still continued down towards the balkans and some west of whether they're just pushing across bowers into the western side of russia for the world. so i'm sure i look south still getting up into this uh to 7 athens possibility of one or 2 showers there in grace,

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long as you drive the warm sunshine to across the south west. if you up and we're looking pretty warm here as we go through the next couple of days, echo fund will sink a little further south with some shelves coming into southern jeremy, down towards the outs possibility of one of the showers to into the found on the west of africa, but try for most as the account to the costs, the rates for clean energy is gathering speed. when could the change in energy systems reshape the label? balance of power plus is the we brief becoming a luxury. many people can also count you the cost on now to 0. after years of strenuous political battles, columbus, congress spans bulls type thing. nationwide. it brings to an, in the centuries old tradition, brought by spanish colonizers, this victory, reevaluate culture. we inherited

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a culture of violence of torture that does not deserve to be called culture. the law proposes expanding all bull fighting within 3 years to give time to the industry to adapt and transform bull rings like this one into cultural centers. this old tradition which use to thrill the masses in famous intellectuals the like, has reached its final thrust, the, the, [000:00:00;00] the, they're working out as a reminder on top stories. this is riley miller trees carrying out s royce on have

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any populated areas and central goals that the $75.00 how the city and some of them killed in a 24 hour period. attacks of targeting refugee accounts including alvarez and all the gods. also, nationalist is rainy's marching through okey funny source and this cost of the so called flying day celebrations. monks as roles, illegal occupation of the area all to be 1967. crowds have made and cousins into the alexa most come house last month, thousands of palestinians, but then alive. and that tends when it's rarely strikes, hit a displacement, come in, rasa. many of them he survived faced an impossible choice. stay in russia onto this right. if we're letting this is riley attacks or leave the ruins of hon. eunice, in time neighborhood herds have been reduced to rubble based on oda from 8 plus travel between the 2 cities and southern garza,

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to witness the conditions faced by palestinians who have been forcibly displaced multiple types or was that how does know how somebody that's right. now behind me is alone going happen. last floyd and of a slave friends, fox and the last area. i don't need our phones when people are still it is 5 the spends because they were told that they all and a face area last night. and this literally by 5 to 6 rockets as people toll grease resulting in the cutting off 40 to 50 people. if you find link is all over the dropbox, how do you do this and kind of trip about us, where should people go or the t. okay. does not empty, you cannot allow it is still going real fast that we've got to wait to get them to do. so we'll look at the videos as would be about

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the research. now we are in the process. it's really crowded and the people are sitting here. the artifact is, um, we're into evacuating. we're going to be invaded. 10 units is destroyed. so people are living and last name is intense or, and the rebel and the rest of the people that are not able to find any place to go to. i remember thinking, how did you hear 31 of those 2 months ago, and that place was full sense we're talking about hundreds of thousands of 10. 10 am. mm hm. let's put this new. mm hm. please manage. yes. hi, i'm on a come back. i'm, since i've received the mattress news, the floor window is just the furnace you and get it in

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the mail just leaving the bus. you don't have to also be there. you know, you give us an idea of how to do the people and there is different people i'm living in here. we'll see there are people living here in spending their time, their entire time waiting to return back to their city. miss ellis been comes on the outside, the us embassy, and they've reached the lebanese on the says that a government involved in the shooting has been injured and apprehended. let's go straight to a correspondence saying, hold on. who's in pay rate for us?

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they know, well can you tell us about what's happening? well as security incidents in the vicinity of the entrance of the us embassy just north of a route this morning. it's approximately 700 meters from where we are standing. but as you can see, have the army deployments, they've still got for all votes leading to the embassy, according to the lebanese army, in a very brief statement, they said that a gunman opened fire and that there was a shoot out. and after the shoot out, they wounded this gun man, and he is now in the hospital. no further details apart from the fact that they're saying that the investigations are under way. but lebanese security sources are saying that this gunman and may not have been acting alone, that there was a driver who dropped off 3 assailants. one of them was killed and the other one is still at large. there has been no claim of responsibility, but there was a photo of that gunman who was wounded and on his fest. the words assign makes faith was written on it. but like i mentioned,

1:40 pm

no claim of responsibility in this area has seen violent protests and recent months . people throwing molotov co*cktails, while the security responds with tear guys because this is the way people vent their anger towards us and ministration, who they feel is founding by as well. and giving us a green light to continue. it's assault on the palestinian people in gaza. now, again, no claim of responsibility. the lebanese army saying that a gunman was involved us embassy in his statements praising the work of lebanese security forces, saying that they were very quick to respond. but no doubt that just shows you the tension smotts us and 11 on we have to remember. there is confrontations along the border between israel and the lebanese arms group has beloved in the region as a whole. to thank you for that, said i called at the 1st in favorites. president obama and is ordering immigration

1:41 pm

officials out the southern order to deny assign him seek his entry to the united states. number of people seeking asylum of the us. mexico border has reached records levels. white house correspondent, committee health of the pulse with a number of undocumented migrant crossings into the united states searching president joe biden is taking drastic action to seal the us border with mexico. let's fix the problem. a new executive order is border officials almost immediately the power to reject asylum seekers. only victims of traffic in those seeking emergency medical care or minors may be exempted. and only after vigorous screening, this ban remaining place and the total number of people trying to enter legally is reduced to a level that our system can affectively manage. the number of migrants crossing into the us has hit record levels at its peak in december. more than $10000.00

1:42 pm

migrants crossed into the united states each day. biden's new order is similar to a policy put in place by photo republican president, donald trump, back in 2018 democrats, including by then called the policy heartless and then humane the white house and says, this policy is different. republican critics are skeptical and here this is election year politics. and by the way, we've seen this game before. apparently the democrats at one playbook, which is create a crisis. and then a couple of months before the election, do something very mild to address the crisis and say see problem solve with the presidential election moving. the white house helps the new fight in order to appeal away republican voters who like trumps tough immigration policies. but not his criminal conviction, according to this analyst, the spike in a legal crossings is a concern for americans. i think this policy is,

1:43 pm

in part about 1st giving the administration tools to address that. and 2nd, giving them a concrete shift in policy that they can point to as things like the upcoming presidential debate later this month was wanted to build a wall along the entire southern us border during his own presidency. and he's promised mass deportations if elected again with immigration advocates, including the american civil liberties union challenge president trump asylum order back in 2018. they succeeded in blocking it through the federal courts. now the a, c l. u is preparing a similar challenge against president biden's order. kimberly helped get al jazeera, the white house, as grades of from sweat collaborations are being held to mark the 80th anniversary of

1:44 pm

d day. the troops from the u. k. the us and canada attacked german forces on the coast of northern from them since june of 1944 campaign was a major step to webs. the allied forces victory and well more to organ. 4000 soldiers were killed on the day. another 5000 witnesses. yes, president giovanni now explained to for all of us to join the collaborations at the start of the 5 day state visit and discussion with tasha butler whose life on the beach in norman's 8. so president and 5 and this arrived in problems for these celebrations. what can we expect for the next few days? of the yes, that's why do us present a bite and touching down and olden phones, normandy, and the. see all the call to use you for the next few days. as you say, the focus of his was a those really 2nd pause in the day commemorations the main day of that's

1:45 pm

a on thursday, a few years ago, allied forces line days, all these beaches here in norman the that was a pivotal moments in the 2nd world. war one that led to the defeat of nazi german forces. j. barnes is expected to meet us veterans. we know they're all about a 150 world war 2 us veterans here. some of the, the, to paul's indeed a ranging from 96 years old to 107. so for many, it might be one of the knowledge, is that able to take pause a bite and will then be of, of a see a memorial at the us symmetry on the hall beach no far from where we are standing. and then it will take posts in the big international commemoration with thousands of other heads of saves. we understand from the white house that provides. and this really is going to be an opportunity to talk about international corporation,

1:46 pm

multilateralism and the importance of alliances between of friendly nations. we know it will say to j buys and will be on site as a in power. so you'll be the lease a palace with a manual micro policy. at this stage visits, they'll be a state dinner in the 2 of course, we'll have a lot to talk about the 4 level meeting, mainly terminated by ukraine and the situation in the middle east. right, you mentioned ukraine, that this is, of course, a movement of heights intention in ukraine in terms of where they are in the room with russia. can we expect to him or not from these latest? to warn you. crane will certainly be on a lot of people's mind said during these commemorations for the day because of course, the allied forces of that force here. so bravely well hoping that they would never see more again in europe. but we have more gain in the house of europe,

1:47 pm

and that is something that we know to revise. and we'll talk about that is something that we can expect for the international leaders to talk about. looks really say policy, have the see to saw. i didn't know to invite russian president vladimir, bruce, you know, any russian delegation in the pasta has been a russian delegation will appear soon because are in democracy contribution to world war 2. no, they see it though. they least say, says that is because of, for us is a war of aggression in ukraine. instead, the lisa has invited the crating and present load them is a lensky to be here, a simple, they say, all the facts, this birth of the day continues because you have ukranian forces fighting the lease a says full freedom and for democracy, those very same values that the forces, the allied forces were fighting for a few years ago. thank you for that this i should but know that for us at school beach in normandy, south korea is hosting an agricultural conference for african nations,

1:48 pm

which it hopes will relieve hunger. royce is an important staples, so many african countries themselves create has become, will lead to in the grains cultivation. run mcbride as this report from stone for the host to south korea. this conference demonstrates its rapid development from the recipient of overseas aid to a don't. a nation which can now help others, especially in the production of food, almost desert tongues law. we will work to strengthen advocacy food security capabilities. we will actively promote agricultural transfer and contribute to increasing food self sufficiency and south korean farmers have made pioneering advances in agriculture. no more so that even rice production and it's so cold k rice belt project across parts of africa is aimed at supporting farm. is that accurate cultural centers help promote more resilience rise seeds while spreading

1:49 pm

education and the use of new technology. what distinguishes korean strain? so the yields, compared to many african varieties, korean crops can produce more than twice the rice. that's up to 6 tons by hector, with young, rapidly growing populations to feed the worst and in climate crisis. more african countries are looking to increase production. the money that you send me, i would love to commend the k rice built initiative for launch. but korea, which is a testament to the principal partnership, the korea has the porch with the african countries pneumonia. the goal is to distribute enough high resilience seeds to african found this in the next 3 years to grow rice for 30000000 people. rob mcbride, i'll just say era, so so head on the elders, era, all land, all future. we explore this is well environment. say it's happening the global climate crisis on which is one day away from the south of b, n, b,

1:50 pm

a finals. all of the build up coming up in useful with southern business latex to be sponsored by interlock tuck. he's real estate consultant, the the,

1:51 pm

the business legions to be sponsored by interlock tuck. he's real estate consultant. the for his, for the thank you very much money and welcome back. a has been talking to the walls, media saying there are things and people that made him unhappy. and his final year at the poly sounds almost 25 year old will cut. but when a little john ray on the do it on a 5 year deal, when his p s. u. contract expires the end of this month after he refused to sign a, here's an extension on the front. a captain is now preparing for friendly,

1:52 pm

a guess. looks on the on wednesday as the team build up to the euro's and the new positions do. i think a happy man is more likely to play well than an unhappy man. now there's no excuse for all the performances i've had or will have. it's just a feeling, of course i'm very happy today, but just because i'm smiling, it doesn't mean i'm going to win any matches. there's work to be done and the whole team has to get ready. and i'm the 1st to do that. but of course i'm approaching these matches. connelly with good humor and enthusiasm as well. it was the frustrating nights full, raining european champions easily. they were held to initial joel in a frenzy against the euro. is it kick off on june? the 14th, it's in the are grouped with spain, co, aisha, and all the in you know about delta, which will no longer be the well, number one in men's tennis officer. he was forced to pull out of the french open with the knee injury 37 year old, the health of ranking for a combined total of $428.00 weeks and was the oldest to do so. in history. he was

1:53 pm

always going to news that ranking if he didn't reach the final in paris spots, it's an injury that did it. joke of it had several medical timeouts and his victory over frontier school. so and doyle on monday his me and do it puts him on the serious doubts whether he can stay at the building and younique's in a will be the man to replace him. he will become the 1st italian world number one in history and remains on course to make it back to back. run some titles, also to see think they go denise, it also to reach the semi finals. well, he'll face color. okay. it's everyone's list ready to become number one in the world. and the other way. i'm seeing novak retiring in here. i think it's a for everyone. disappointing but wishing has to be to recovery and you begin. the t 20 cricket woke up campaign against orland, they'll be aiming to win the competition for the 1st time since they want it. the

1:54 pm

1st edition back in 2007 or he to saw my says his side are looking forward to playing in new this is different, so i'm sure you know, all of us will play here. we'll leave them logs in the city. and the people of us as well. so hopefully it's the right step in the right direction. then you know for the future off click it to happen in america. i think this is the right platform. invite for stepping stone for all of us. the scotsman posted an impressive 90 with that loss from 10 overs against defending champions england. but both sides were left frustrated as rain had the final say, forcing the match to be called off. or just today until the start will be n b, a finals between the boston celtics and the dallas mavericks felt explain. chris tops pausing is, is in a race to be fits in time of to 5 weeks out with the calls a spring. he's not 100 percent, so he'll make

1:55 pm

a game or one on assessing the cell 6 am for record 18th n b a championship. and 1st, since 2008 it's, it's really, really the 2nd um, but we're here now and i'm feeling much better. i put in a lot of hours to, to get to this point and look forward to getting some, some action on the floor. and the team, the organization we're going into this series before confidence in and knowing that the no steps are skipped. and the goal is to, to finish the job a phone line to advertise, so tiny has pleaded guilty to ceiling nearly $17000000.00 from the baseball store. if families will hire us to the cash to pay off his own gambling debts is a high admitted to $1.00 council of bank froze and the california quotes that could result in a 30 year deal term. and that's it for me, money. think center as large as won't have reaching a tipping point to now climate crisis as the well major logical organization is set

1:56 pm

to release its states of the climate report last year was the who missed on record . at 1.48 degrees celsius higher than the pre industrial average. the powers agreement aims to whole global warming below $1.00 degrees, which experts say is crucial for keeping a systems in balance. the piece in human is professor sustained a better see at the costs and university. he says, we need to move quickly to slow down climate change to when i started this business, i never thought that we'd have so much climate change actually happening. and it is getting to an excel oration now. so we, if we can get to 0, the glove will start cooling. but that's a hard process. we need to get going quickly. so the you in at cop 29, they're preparing for a time where i can cite we can now,

1:57 pm

oh it's so arriving this change. we're on the edge of changing, but it's not enough. it has to be an absolute change. and that's the kind of tipping point we've reached, you see in the last year as we head on average across is the world $26.00 days of extreme heat, extra $26.00. we are all experiencing some good up to a 180 more in the then? no. so this is the kind of tipping point we told him in some places against your band and they are going to be just unbelievable. a lot of africa is really suffering. we have to change because the acceleration and the climate change is so rapid. we must change now. that's at the name of the inside. this news may fall coping here in

1:58 pm

a moment with much morning the . the illusion of anti semitism with opposition to design is a cynical and it is harmful, a dangerous completion between the persecution of a people in the criticism of the state is echoing across the world news rooms and to send me keys in the hatred of jews. because the country is honest and is not about jewels, it's about teacher and we need to talk about design is a listening post special on of just hours before is killing a canadian seek leader said the agents of the indian governments were pumped into assessing a fault lives explores how the coal for an independent seek state a spilled beyond india's borders. and investigates the nations election campaign of

1:59 pm

eliminating critics on foreign soil. the indian assessing nation on a jersey, the in full throated battle cry fight is charge out from the hidden positions. for the moment, however, there is me is imagined, and their rifles on real venue recruits to the people's defense rules put through the paces in the baking heats. these are skills which will keep them alive. and before they can break for food, the pledge of allegiance. since the new conscription laws came into the 4th, thousands of young men and women come down into the jungle to join the pro democracy forces and raw the fight against the ministry genta. enjoying that rex based forces, conscription makes resistance, force stronger. now what accepts that road? so you, so now joining the people's defense forms instead of being constricted by the

2:00 pm

military. these volunteers, tang and sweat, then the hardship to that belief in a democratic future. i believe for which they say they're prepared to lay down their lives. the molds overflowing and hospitals are overwhelmed in central goes away, as well as the lowest is the latest ground assumption. the for the on the bulk of this is i'll just say we're life and also coming up heights intentions, unoccupied, east jerusalem ultra nationalist, this re lease. they can encourage that. need to be i'll ex, i'm most compound during a controversial annual rally regional allies. this sense of home combination tools with india in 5 minutes and a renter moody after his policy failed to win

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