'Jackass' Star Steve-O Just Revealed He's Getting Implants For His Next Stunt (2024)


  • Steve-O, reality TV pioneer and Jackass star, plans to get breast implants for a comedy bit.
  • He sees it as a form of body modification, similar to tattoos and piercings, and plans to remove them after two months.
  • Steve-O is concerned about potential damage, but plastic surgeons assured him the risks are minimal.

Reality TV pioneer Steve-O says he's getting breast implants.

Steve-O was one of the very first bona fide, big-deal reality television stars, rising to fame on MTV's early 2000s fever dream-like Jackass.

Jackass quickly became notable for its unbelievable stunts, and Steve-O stood out as exceptionally daring in a crew of risk-takers.

Now he's 50, and it seems Steve-O hasn't grown out of the stunts that made him famous in the first place.


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Steve-O has done some crazy things, but one stunt, in particular, stands out from the rest.

Why Steve-O Is Getting Breast Implants

'Jackass' Star Steve-O Just Revealed He's Getting Implants For His Next Stunt (2)

On July 3rd, the X5 Podcast uploaded an episode of the show on YouTube, "Has STEVE-O Gone Too Far? (X5 Podcast #84)."

The X5 Podcast's about page explains that it "features a rotating crew of witty Gen X hosts chatting with musicians, comedians, and content creators in their studio in Alabama," and Jackass was a major cultural flashpoint for Generation X.

Both on Jackass and off-camera, Steve-O was notable for his willingness to push the envelope in every way possible — and that tendency seems to be driving his purported decision to undergo surgery for a comedy bit.

During the segment, Steve-O disclosed his decision to get breast implants:

After his admission, Steve-O initially explained why he wants to go under the knife, and what he plans to do after the surgery:

"I came up with the idea a few years ago to get a boob job and just film a bunch of legitimately funny hidden camera pranks with me in disguise, in various disguises, and then revealing who I actually am, and just funny endurance stunts, and whatever."

Steve-O continued, attributing the outlandish move to his "commitment" to making people laugh:

"I've been so particularly in love with that idea because the comedy, the opportunity for comedy I believe is absolutely there, and it’s like the quintessential Steve-O - that level of commitment."

US Magazine quoted the original Jackass star as saying that he felt undergoing breast augmentation surgery was not much different than other forms of "body modification" he has done, like tattoos or piercings:

"I've always been a body modification guy, like with my back tattoo, with my butt piercing. Body modification has been part of my [expletive] deal, it's been a lane in my art since the beginning.

"And this level of commitment to this bit, how nuts it is — I believe in it, and I’m gonna go ahead and do it."

According to US, Steve-O previously spoke about breast implants during a discussion with YouTube personality Doctor Mike back in 2022.

Back then, Steve-O mentioned his level of curiosity about the procedure, and speculated about whether he'd still be allowed to post shirtless pics on Instagram:

"There's a healthy dose of 'my body, my choice' in there, which I believe in. There’s some straight curiosity that as a heterosexual man who identifies as male ... does [undergoing breast augmentation] mean I can't post pictures on Instagram with my shirt off?"

Although Steve-O seems to be sincere about getting breast implants, he's not keeping them — that would be weird. The Independent explained that he planned to remove them (a process known as "explantation") after two months.

The stunt master also admitted he was a bit concerned the procedure would further damage his body, but says plastic surgeons assured him the risks were minimal:

"I spoke with the doctors, and I said to them candidly, ‘The one thing I’m really freaked out about, and bummed out about, and would back out of this over, is if I’m just gonna be a mess afterwards.'

"'You know, it’s going under the muscle, and the doctors are completely unfazed, like, ‘Two months, it comes out, absolutely no issue.'"

It wasn't clear whether Steve-O secured a surgery date yet, but he also said he planned to get "D-cup" implants.

'Jackass' Star Steve-O Just Revealed He's Getting Implants For His Next Stunt (2024)
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