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its 2024 pride collection overnight and it includes everything from new mickey ears to shirts, stuffers, stuffies and more. >> that's that's stuffed animals. >> i love stuffed animals. there are some really cute options there. >> i don't know why we're looking at a police car, but let me tell you that stitch is featured prominently in this year's collection. and i was wondering. i mean, i love stitch, but i was like, why is he our king? why? because he's experiment 6266 26 is when same sex was legalized across america. >> isn't that incredible? yeah. great our viewers in the west. a crucial day in donald trump's criminal trial courtroom showdown. michael cohen takes the stand to explain

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after the judge told cohen to stop talking about the case. our team breaks down what to expect. >> red alert the new warning about raging in our neighbor to the north. and the smoke drifting into the u.s. israeli forces push deeper into rafah issuing new evacuation orders as secretary of state blinken says israel lacks a credible plan to protect civilians. what do you think the american people should know about this group of professionals that are brought in from every part of the government? >> george: a look what goes on there and how the decisions made there help shape our world. >> robin: olivia munn sharing

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the difficult decision to have another surgery in her cancer fight. food chains have some customers driving by the drive-thru, and how some chains are now responding. ♪ how ya like me now ♪ >> robin: out of this world solar storm. did you catch the northern lights right here at home? and we're jumping into monday. 3,000 feet up and through the london bridge. wait until you see how these guys are soaring into the week. ♪ >> announcer: live in times square, this is good morning america. >> robin: so what did you do this weekend? [ laughter ] it was whoo. good morning america. >> michael: yes. also this morning memorial day is around the corner. gio has the travel forecast for the millions of americans counting down to the holiday weekend. >> george: we begin with donald trump's criminal trial. it resumes this morn. michael cohen a crucial witness

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for the prosecution, will take the stand. aaron katersky is at the courthouse. good morning, aaron. >> reporter: prosecutors have just called michael cohen to the witness stand. donald trump did not appear to look at him as he took his seat in the witness box for a confrontation years in the making cohen set to testify how he buried stories about sex to keep them away from voters. >> yes. >> reporter: in september 2016, michael cohen recorded this conversation with donald trump about the $150,000 hush payment to playboy model karen mcdougal by david pecker. >> when it comes time for financing -- >> listen what, financing? >> we'll have to pay. >> reporter: to prosecutors the recording is powerful evidence of trump's involvement in an alleged scheme to buy and bury salacious stories before they could harm his chances in the 2016 presidential election.

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the jury will hear it again when cohen testifies against his old boss, as he did before congress in 2019 when cohen said trump ordered him to pay off stormy daniels. >> mr. trump directed me to use my own personal funds from a home equity line of credit to avoid any money being traced back to him that could negatively impact his campaign. >> reporter: the jury has already seen the paper trail, the shell company cohen opened, how he funded it, the wire transfer to daniels, the invoices he prepared the checks trump signed to pay him back and the ledger entries where trump labeled the payments legal expenses. >> what did the president ask or suggest that you say about the payments or reimbursem*nt? >> he's not knowledgeable about these reimbursem*nts and he wasn't knowledgeable of my objecting actions. >> he asked you to say that? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: the defense called cohen a convicted liar and said cohen has a goal, an obsession with get trump. defense attorney told the jury i

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submit to you that he cannot be trusted. the prosecutor conceded cohen has some baggage. even the judge said cohen needed to be told to refrain from making any more statements about this case after abc news spotted him on tik tok antagonizing trump. >> trump 2024? more like trump 20 to 24 year. >> reporter: the entire trial has been building to this. from stormy daniels, jurors heard about sex. from pecker about the alleged scheme to cover it up. now prosecutors hope that cohen will pin the crime on trump. george? >> george: thanks. let's bring in dan abrams, jon karl and rachel scott covering the trump campaign. dan, let me begin with you. the prosecutors admit cohen has baggage. what's the risk/reward putting him on the stand? >> there's a huge risk and a huge reward for them potentially. i have had some people say to me, why are they even calling michael cohen? you know? why don't they just avoid all of this? the answer is they need to call michael co-len. every other witness has been central around michael cohen.

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what prosecutors have tried to do is bolster his credibility. present witnesses who are there to say that what michael cohen will tell you is true. david pecker, some of the accountants, etc, to say this will be backed up with records and other witnesses. the problem is when they go after michael cohen, it will be professional and personal. yes, they're going to talk about the fact that he's plead guilty, about the fact that it was perjury and since then he's suggested that list 2018 plea, at least part of it, wasn't true. i'm going to be really interested in how much of this is personal. how much is driven by donald trump. that may be both helpful to the defense and also may be too much, as a legal matter. that's going to be really interesting to see. >> george: jon, you and i have both covered michael cohen. for a long time. what a journey he's had with donald trump. >> it is personal. look, trump calls him a rat and traitor. this is the guy who once said he would take a bullet for donald trump.

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he did his dirty work. george, i remember doing an interview with trump more than a year before he announced that he was running for president. michael cohen threatened to knock over our camera if the interview didn't go well for donald trump. he was the bully. he did anything for trump. then he turned and turned hard, the way michael cohen sees it, he went to prison, in large part, because of what he did on donald trump's behalf. and donald trump left him out to dry. and believe me, now michael cohen is out to get donald trump. you will see that today. >> george: rachel scott, donald trump is under a gag order. that did not stop him from talking about the case at that wild rally on saturday night. >> escalating his attacks against the manhattan district attorney, really disparaging comments about him. former president donald trump is back on the campaign trail for first time in two weeks. we talk about how not normal this is. president biden has had eight campaign stops since the trial began. donald trump has had three. two were on the same day. this is why we are seeing so

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much pressure from those who are close to the former president to try to even possibly name a running mate, get somebody else out there. i am told it is hard to get the former president to focus on anything else but this trial. we know it's become central to the campaign. >> george: he did appear with one potential one on saturday, who was running against the former governor of north dakota. >> yep, his former rival. i'm told trump likes him because he is one of the wealthiest governors throughout. he believe hess could be good for fund-raising. one of many on the possible short list for contenders for running mates. what is notable, just how much will not say if they will accept the 2024 results. many of them hedging on that. many on that list also won't commit to accepting the 2020 results either. >> he is allowed to attack the da and he's -- that's not a violation. >> george: he's allowed to attack biden, the da, the judge, really. >> exactly. when we talk about him giving these speeches, he's not violating the gag order by attacking the da. >> george: robin? >> robin: overseas as israel

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issues new evacuation orders as troops advance on rafah. while there are new clashes in the north, and new criticism from u.s. officials. marcus moore is in tel aviv for us. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it is memorial day. as the country mourns here, the idf is striking new targets in the northern part of gaza. and this war between israel and hamas is still being fought on multiple fronts with no end in sight. this morning the idf once again striking northern gaza. explosions ringing out. massive plumes of smoke seen rising throughout the north as renewed fighting there marks a grim memorial day for israel. this, as israeli forces move deeper into rafah. new evacuationers over the weekend forcing at least 300,000 to flee. many had originally gone to rafah to seek safety from the war. the idf saying its latest

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operation there is limited in scale, claiming they've found multiple tunnels, weapons, and have killed hamas fighters. according to a local hospital, there have also been dozens of civilian deaths, and growing outrage from humanitarian groups. >> that is unacceptable. when we talk about having safety for people, it's not just safety from bombardments. it's also a safe place to go to and places where people are being told to move to are completely unsafe. >> reporter: secretary of state blinken said israel lacks a credible plan to protect the 1.4 million people in rafah reiterating that the u.s. will hold back delivery of some weapons that could be used in the fight, but is still pledging support. >> look, we don't talk about red lines when it comes to israel. >> reporter: as the palestinian death toll rises, the u.s. state department has released a report which says it is possible that israel may have violated international law during its war with hamas. >> it's reasonable to conclude that there are instances where israel has acted in ways that

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are not consistent with international law. >> reporter: israel has said that it is following all u.s. and international laws including investigating any claims of abuse. israeli officials say they have also taken steps to protect civilians in gaza but at the same time, vowing to expand their operations in rafah. michael? >> michael: marcus, thank you very much for that. now the war in ukraine. officials say russian troops are making significant gains in the northeast as both sides trade accusations of an apartment complex explosion that reportedly killed at least 15 people. our foreign correspondent james longman is in kyiv with more. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, michael. ukraine is facing possibly its most dangerous situation since this war began, with russia making a new push in the northeast of this country. this as the death toll from that apparent missile attack in southern russia is climbing this morning. overnight an apparent direct hit on an apartment building in southern russia.

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moscow blames ukraine for the attack though kyiv has not taken responsibility. at least 15 people killed and a dozen injured according to local authorities. during the on going search and rescue, part of a roof collapsed, sending emergency workers fleeing. comes as just over the border in ukraine, a new russian offensive is under way, forcing thousands to evacuate. the russians are erasing us from the face of the earth said the head of police. they are using the scorched earth method. president zelenskyy said reserve forces are in route. for months the ukrainian military has been rationing ammunition as much needed u.s. aid was tied up in political gridlock. >> we urgently need better systems and missiles for that. this is what can and should save lives, right now. >> reporter: three weeks ago the u.s. congress passed a $61

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billion aid package but the delay has already given russia a significant advantage. and putin has fired his long time defense minister. he's been replaced by an economic expert. that's seen as an effort to modernize the russian military. big picture, the west faltered in its commitment to ukraine, putin is here for the long war. he is pressing home his advantage. michael? >> michael: seems to be there, james. thank you very much. coming up george takes us inside the situation room where conflicts and events around the world are monitored. it's an abc news exclusive. looking forward to that. >> george: including that middle east war. now the wild fires burning across western canada, sending toxic smoke across the border sparking air quality alerts in multiple states. faith abubey is in minneapolis with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's a slight haze in the air. officials in minnesota have issued an alert for the entire state. the air quality here went into the red category this morning, meaning that it's unhealthy for everyone.

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states in the upper midwest could also see haze today. this is be fueled by the more than 140 wild fires currently raging in canada. dozens have been labeled out of control. thousands of people in british columbia are being urged to leave immediately. the smoke continues to drift down over the u.s. all of this of course is reminiscent of last summer when we saw the canadian wild fire smoke drift so far down that even new york city sky lines saw its sky line turn into a bright orange. clearly this morning we're not seeing anything close to that here in minnesota. officials are urging people to limit their time outdoors and keep their windows closed. now as for the smoke, we're expecting to worse of it to dilute today then what's left of it could reach kansas by storm. robin? >> robin: all right, faith. thanks. we're, of course, thinking of our good neighbors to the north. appreciate you. now the countdown to memorial day and the unofficial start of summer.

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aaa is out with its travel forecast for the holiday weekend. it is going to be a busy one. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is at newark airport to tell us all about it. good morning, gio. >> gio: robin, good morning. we're getting our first look at memorial day travel. it's looking busier than last year. let's look at the numbers as millions set off for those summer plans. aaa is expecting 43.8 million travellers. that's more than last year. close to 2005's record of 44 million. when you split it up for air travellers, aaa expects 30 million people will hit the skies. that's the most crowded since 2005. united and american telling us they're expecting packed planes between may 23rd and 28th. let's go over to the roads now. aaa believes drivers will set a record with 38.4 million people traveling by car. that's the highest number since

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aaa began tracking in 2000. 4% more than last year, almost 2% more than 2019. gas prices, they are going to be similar to last year. the national average right now $3.62 a gallon. okay. so the top domestic destinations this year, orlando, seattle and right here in the new york area, guys. >> michael: all right, gio. thank you for that. now the spectacular light show in the skies. in a rare atmospheric event, the northern lights were visible across the country this weekend. lara is here now with more. good morning, lara. >> lara: good morning, michael. so, yeah, people normally make special trips to far off places like iceland or norway to see the northern lights. but this weekend many americans just had to walk out their front doors and look up. millions of people around the globe looking up at the sky this weekend witnessing an out of this world spectacle of lights. >> it was something i have wanted to see my whole life. it was a bucket list item checked off.

7:17 am

>> lara: this is the strongest geo magnetic storm in the last 20 years to hit the u.s. the incredible phenomenon created by powerful eruptions of energy from the sun in the form of solar flares. when they reach the earth the particles of energy are drawn toward the north and south poles reacting with gases in the atmosphere creating an oval where the aurora is visible from the ground. >> they're usually only visible in extreme latitudes, northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere. that's because that's where the earth's magnetic field is the strongest. >> lara: the spectacular views visible across the country throughout the weekend, from washington to maine, the brightly colored sky even spotted as far south as texas. josh hakera capturing the moment just outside bend, oregon. >> it was really pretty against the sky line. i have been waiting my whole life to see them. i have seen them in movies and tv. to see it happening in front of me was surreal.

7:18 am

>> lara: i had friends in nashville send pictures. lot of people posted shots of the northern lights they were able to capture with just their i phone. you may get another chance tonight or tomorrow after 10 p.m. depending on where you are. the lights just won't be quite as spectacular. scientists do say we could get another shot at seeing the lights sometime next year as well. guys? >> george: thank you, lara. coming up, inside the situation room. >> michael: plus why some customers are fed up with fast food chains and what one favorite is reportedly doing about it. >> robin: and olivia munn revealing a difficult decision. we have the latest on her valiant fight with cancer. first ginger. >> ginger: good morning. 18 days in a row with a tornado reported or confirmed. unfortunately, i do have one more day head here. we'll get to that risk. but first south of pittsburgh. this is an ef-2. thankfully only two minor injuries. we're going to have a very active day again as the south deals with this.

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from san antonio to mobile, pensacola, also including baton rouge. damaging winds are the main threat. you could see an isolated tornado. also flooding will be a major problem this week. your local weather in 30 seconds.

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7:24 am

finds itself with a lot of concerns over public safety in march, when his hiring was first announced, he said in his first 100 days, he would meet with key community stakeholders, city staff and the police department. chief. mitchell comes to oakland after serving as police chief in lubbock, texas. how is our community? >> hi, reggie. well, we have a sigalert to get to, specifically on the peninsula. this is a three car crash that we're telling you about on southbound 280 before westboro boulevard. you can see speeds are down to seven miles per hour. one of those cars, it's on its side. you'll see that the two right lanes are blocked. and there is stopped traffic from highway one. reggie. >> thanks, amanda.

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now, suzanne, speaking about my own experience. it can be so overwhelming when people finally decide to sell their property or start thinking about it, right? yes. >> you know, and that's why i offer a very unique approach, utilizing my psychology degree to help those who are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed so

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that we can transform a very stressful situation into an easy and positive experience. >> and people are so stressed out because of the circ*mstances they're in. >> yes. and a lot of them feel like they're struggling. maybe they're behind on their property taxes or mortgage payments. i also help those who are downsizing, needing to relocate. want to sell a rental property also, maybe a trust sale as well as facing a probate situation. and that's what's so great about your expertise, because you can help people sell in as is condition like this house right here and without for sale signs. yes i like to focus on privacy and safety. >> call suzanne directly at (800) 893-6665. suzanne is the local expert. you can trust. >> tv's biggest morning party live with kelly and marc >> sfo this morning showing you we have gray skies to begin our monday that may. gray overhead. it's keeping temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. so at 49 in san rafael. but we're 57 in

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san jose. good morning concord. you're currently coming in with a temperature of 52 degrees. so break down the forecast region by region inland. today we have sunny skies, upper 70s lower 80s. we have a lot of fog around the bay shoreline this morning, but will warm into the 60s and 70s later today along the coast, though, it stays quite cloudy and cool with temperatures in the 50s, so a high of 63 in the city, 68 in oakland, a high of 79. in san jose. reggie. thank you drew. >> we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes. you can always catch us on our news app and abc7 and every weekday morning from 5 to 7 a.m. on air. here's more gma. >> at sutter, our 245 neurologists and 19 stroke centers never stop. and 37 clinical trials never stop. keeping minds strong, getting better, never stops. >> summer is here. and with a new toyota, you can capture all the moments that make summer summer like driving a rav4 to

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mother for snl alums three time host maya rudolph. oh my goodness she did not hold back on snl. >> george: she is so funny. we are following a lot of head lines. donald trump's criminal trial resumes this morn. michael cohen a crucial witness for the prosecution will take the stand to explain how he made the stormy daniels story disappear before the 2016 election. removal of the rest of the key bridge in baltimore takes place this afternoon after bad weather delayed attempts this weekend. the container ship clammed into the bridge. the ship is still sitting under the rubble. >> michael: the first apple retail stores to form a union have authorized their first strike. store workers in maryland have demanded a pay raise and changes to scheduling practices. no date has been set for the strike. and caitlin clark wasn't able to make her iowa graduation. been a little business sweu the wnba. look at what her indiana fever

7:32 am

teammates did instead. they had a little ceremony of their own surprising her with a certificate of graduation. clark and the fever tip off their wnba season tomorrow night at the connecticut sun. great to see she's getting along with her teammates already. >> robin: i know. >> michael: we have is a lot more ahead including fast food prices rising. what some of the chains are doing the prop up sales. >> robin: right now an abc news exclusive inside the white house situation room. george, this is a place very few have seen. >> george: this is the first interview ever inside the newly renovated situation room. sate down with jake sullivan on friday. it is the back drop of history making decisions by 12 presidents, from john f. kennedy to joe biden. originally created in 1961 by jfk, the situation room was revealed last fall after under going a $50 million makeover to enhance security and keep up with changing technology. i know you are the number one

7:33 am

consumer of everything put out by the situation room. just give everyone at home who's not familiar with this room an idea of what goes on here. >> contrary to what most people believe, the situation room is just one room. this is the main room where the president sits with his national security team. but there's a whole complex here, here in the basem*nt of the white house, that includes a watch floor, where civilian and military experts monitor events around the world 24/7, constantly on call. any time anything happens anywhere in the world that requires the president's attention or my attention, or the secretary of defense's attention, they'll be on it and alerting us flu the day and through the night. >> george: lot of calls in the middle of the night. >> lot of calls in the middle of the night. when you see the number from the situation room at 3 a.m. it is usually not to update you on good news, i would say. the president will come down here to do secure video conferences with other heads of state. this is where he did a lot of the coordination when russia

7:34 am

invaded ukraine in 2022. he would get up on these screens. >> george: that's a screen. >> that's a screen. that's a screen. and there's a screen over here. so he uses this room not just to make decisions, but also really -- >> george: to do diplomacy? >> to do diplomacy and to build and execute coalitions and alliances. so a lot of the history that is written day to day in american foreign policy is lived out in this room. >> george: what makes for an effective process in this room? >> you have to make sure that everybody gets to put their perspective on the table. that you don't stack the deck towards one answer or another. that you run a fair conversation where the secretary of defense, secretary of state, secretary of treasury, they all get to share their viewpoint. second, you've got to ask the right questions to get to the right answers. you gotta know, what is our

7:35 am

objective? what are the facts as we understand them? what are the courses of action that are realistic options? and what are the pros and cons of each of them? >> george: situational officers are the most apolitical men and women in the white house, serving the presidency, regardless of political party. you mentioned the watch floor. i was out on the watch floor as the duty officers were getting ready to do their work for the day. what do you think the american people should know about this group of professionals that are brought in from every part of the government. >> there is a group of people standing watch, looking around the world for any threat, any challenge, any event that has to be flagged to the senior decision makers, up to the president, in u.s. national security. they are remarkable in their capacity, in their focus and in their dedication to their duty. and it's really an incredibly diverse array of people from every service of the military. from multiple intelligence

7:36 am

agencies, from the state department, people who have a few years of experience in government. people who have decades of experience in government. >> george: israel/hamas war at the top of your agenda. the rafah invasion, used in the rafah invasion, setting i saying it sends th how do you respond? >> the president has made it clear he's going to continue to make sure israel has what it needs to defend itself. full stop, four squared that will happen. third, the president has said he has concerns about a full scale military invasion of rafah, a place where there's more than 1 million people sheltering. >> george: what would happen if we went in? >> first, because there's a million people there in close quarters who have been pushed there because of the military operations in other parts of gaza, you would have really significant civilian casualties. and while israel would also be able to kill some hamas folk, many hamas folks would melt away

7:37 am

because they're terrorists. they're not really organized fighter, in the way we think of a typical military. what the president has said, he doesn't want to see american weapons used in that kind of operation. that's not to say he's going to cut them off from weapons. he was focused on a particular situation that he doesn't believe will succeed in defeating has hamas. >> george: israel is preparing to expand its military operations. hamas now says negotiations with israel for a permanent cease fire are back to square one, claiming israel rejected its proposal, including the complete withdrawal of israeli forces from gaza. the delegations have left, cease fire talks in cairo, are the talks still alive? >> the talks are still alive. i think george mitchell said very famously, every piece of diplomacy, every negotiation is 1,000 days of failure then one day of success.

7:38 am

so, you know, there are going to be days where they're sitting in the room together. there will be days when they're back consulting and trying to come up with their negotiating positions. there will be time when they're leaning forward and making progress, time when they're not. we are determined to see this through so every hostage is returned safety to their families including the american citizens. >> george: you heard us talk about the situation room duty officers. they are on the front lines for the white house. i had a chance to meet with several of them friday. also the reunion of all the alumni thursday night. they are so inspiring. i spoke to dozens of them for this book. as they said, they are apolitical. they have such character, confidence. they serve the presidency, forgetting about political party. they serve the country first. >> robin: that is about the presidency. not the president. that's what they serve. george's book, we just had this. inside story of presidents in crisis, it is out tomorrow. >> george: thank you, guys. i appreciate it.

7:39 am

>> michael: when i'm up late at night it's your fault. coming up later the controversy surrounding this billboard ad in times square. we're gonna talk about that. and next, sticker shock at the drive-thru. becky worley has been looking into why fast food prices are on the rise. hey, becky. >> does it feel like fast food has become fine dining? with these prices, you can understand why people are driving past the drive-thru. we'll tell you though why there may be some relief in sight when gma comes back. before you use ai to transform business, accelerate growth, predict trends, you need to begin with trust. introducing watsonx governance. helping you govern any ai, as data, models, and policies change, so you can scale it responsibly. let's create ai that begins with trust, with watsonx governance.

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7:43 am

>> michael: we are back with sky >> michael: we are back with sky rocketing prices at the drive-thru and how it has some consumers changing their ways. it seems like the big chains are paying attention. becky worley has been checking it out for us, as always doing that investigative reporting. hey, becky. >> reporter: michael, good morning. does your burger, latte or chicken sandwich seem more expensive every time you hit the drive-trhu? yep. inflation has come for fast food. with customers pulling away, some of the big chains are starting to lower prices >> when did mcdonald's get so expense stpheufrb >> reporter: this morning mcdonald's hearing tough feed back about prices. according to bloomberg the company will be rolling out a $5 value meal in the near future. many fast food chains feeling a need to respond to customers,

7:44 am

like colleen pipes of ft. lauderdale, florida, fed up, as fast food prices soar. >> i don't mean to be broke, but first, eight count mini and lemonade, $14? i joked this is fine dining because i might as well go at a sit down restaurant and be served. >> reporter: fast food prices in march were 33% higher than 2019 levels according to the labor department. while grocery prices were up 26%. it's influencing behavior. >> i don't think i'm going to go to starbuck against. >> reporter: company likes star starbucks 7% drop in transactions. consumer behavior sbt just changing at restaurants. many are shopping around for the best prices on groceries by going to multiple stores. >> i learned how to map out where those things are going to be less expensive or which

7:45 am

stores have the items that me and my family enjoy eating. >> reporter: prices on items like beef, pro tkeubgt inincrease 3% this year. and sweets u to increase 3% this year. >> during the pandemic consumers shopped at one grocery store in general. different stores run different products on sale at different times. going to multiple stores can actually help maximize your value. >> reporter: whether it's fast food or groceries, consumers have one clear message. >> please lower your prices. you can't go up any further. you can't. you can't. >> now mcdonald's did not confirm the $5 value meal to us, but did say individual franchisees set their prices. starbucks said higher prices may be up in part due to the fact

7:46 am

that customers putting more customization on their products. wendy's has a meal. they're offering free chicken nuggets wednesday. this seems like microeconomics where customers may have hit a breaking point and are just saying, nope, too expensive. >> michael: yep. i like the analogy, i might as well eat at a fine dining restaurant if i'm going to pay the same price. great job, becky. >> robin: next, if you thought you had a wild weekend, wait until you see our play of the day. >> michael: i thought you were about to tell on yourself. about to tell on yourself. >> robin: i told (♪) (♪) (♪) (♪) (♪) (♪)

7:47 am

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7:50 am

>> robin: back with our play of the day. >> robin: back with our play of the day. will reeve is here with how two dare devils flew through a london bridge. that's after plunging 3,000 feet? >> today's phraoeuft day begins at sun rise over london 3,000 feet in the air. we're in a helicopter. we're not in there for long. because two men are jumping out of that helicopter. they're sky divers. they're wearing wing suits. they're headed, as we all are, for the tower bridge in london, screaming through that opening. 115 feet in the air. going over 150 miles per hour before they pull up so they can deploy their parachute and land

7:51 am

safely. no one's ever done this before. [ laughter ] now they have. and they got all the proper authorizations. everybody landed safely. we're hugging it out. happy. they did over 200 practice dives. how can you replicate that? >> robin: how do you practice that? >> michael: you said we. you did that? >> no. i'm just right here. >> robin: we're glad that you are, will. hey, jimmy kimmell is gonna join us live right here in time squares. come on back. >> ginger: coming up on tour on gma is sponsored by live nation. live nation presents concert week. 25 tickets to over 5,000 shows.

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7:55 am

>> ginger: destin, new orleans, >> ginger: destin, new orleans, up to half foot of rain possible this week. so flash flood threats. coming up we've got the stars of the new season of bridge ha you can't. >> oh, the puppies are loose. >> need to get home in a hurry.

7:56 am

time for sport mode >> party's over, boys, drive the nissan sentra now. >> get a low 259 per month lease. or get 3.9% apr financing for 36 months on sentra systems >> go. >> the jeopardy! masters quarterfinals continue. >> only the top four will advance. >> absolutely insane. >> who will master the competition like? >> i can't wait to see how this turns out. >> jeopardy! masters prime time event continues tonight on abc. >> always live abc seven news starts right now. >> good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. and here's a look at traffic with amanda. >> good morning reggie. an update to that sig alert over in south city that we've been following all morning long. the good news is it has cleared. this is a three car crash at southbound 280 before westboro boulevard. and look at the speeds ramping up to 32mph. we

7:57 am

say that it's cleared, but there are very much residual delays that you have to be aware of while you're there. all right. drew. >> hey, amanda. good info. we'll take you to the forecast sfo. it's gray out there this morning. temperatures right now in the 40s and in the 50s. so looking at the forecast inland today sunny into the 80s. we go the bay shoreline clouds now, sun later. it's mild along the coast. pretty cloudy all day and cool in the 50s. so cool coast warm inland temperatures slightly above average. >> reggie drew thank you. another abc seven news update comes. comes your way in about 30 minutes. you can always find us on our news app and abc seven and every weekday morning from 5 to 7 a.m. the news continues right now with good morning america. >> it all starts with a chevy truck. chevy silverado with the turbo max engine and best in class standard torque and chevy silverado hd with up to 14

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8:00 am

work 96.5 co. it >> here's a driver putting tires to the test. getting serves and pricing that's always best from ben big o's ben lowest tire price guaranteed. he's the man that you go to see. it's ben right now. it's five three. drive one free by three. select in-stock tires with installation and get the fourth tire free. >> plus zero interest if paid in full within 12 or 6 months. big o tires. the team you trust between apes and >> george: good morning america. it's 8 a.m. courtroom showdown. trump's former fixer, michael cohen, takes the stand to explain how he made the stormy daniels story disappear before the 2016 election. after the judge told cohen to stop talking about the case. our team breaks down what to expect.

8:01 am

>> robin: overnight protesters clash with police outside a college graduation in los angeles. as graduation season picks up amid the israel/hamas war. >> michael: olivia munn sharing the difficult decision to have another surgery in her cancer fight. controversy surrounding this bill board ad in times square for cookies for breast-feeding moms. ♪ i need you all night ♪ >> robin: it's tipoff time. are the rookies ready? >> clark for three! >> robin: how stars like caitlin clark and angel reese -- >> angel going to work here. how about that? >> robin: -- are already changing the game, as a'ja wilson answers an important question. >> george: get ready. he's the host with the most. this morning jimmy kimmell live on good morning america. anything could happen. he's saying -- >> good morning america. >> announcer: live in times square, this is gma. >> robin: this is gma, good morning america.

8:02 am

we're excited to have jimmy kimmell live in times square and up early. lara is with our favorite late night host. as you said, george, anything can happen. >> lara: it's earlier than you're used to. we decided to super size it for jimmy. we present you, coffee coming. we're going to talk to jimmy. our favorite late night host is here with us in the morning, george. >> george: he's going to be caffeinated. also ahead taylor swift had a special guest at her show in paris. >> michael: plus protests impacting some college graduations. >> george: first we start with the latest on donald trump's criminal trial. resumes this morning. tru trump's former fixer, michael cohen a crucial witness for the prosecution will take the stand. he just arrived at the courthouse. there you see it. let's go back to aaron katersky. good morning, aaron. >> reporter: george, good morning again. michael cohen is son the witness stand right now. from the start he addressed some of his character flaws as he

8:03 am

described some wofrbgt he did for the trump organization in ten years where he said he reported only to mr. trump, as he put it. did you at times lie for him, the prosecutor asked? michael cohen replied, i did. he also said he would bully people on behalf of donald trump. anything, cohen said, to make him happy. when trump announced his run for presidency in 2015, cohen quoted trump as saying, you know when this comes out, just be prepared. there's going to be a lot of women coming forward. michael cohen is now describing a relationship that he built with david pecker at the national enquirer to try to keep some stories from voters before the 2016 election. this team is just getting started. there's a lot riding on it. >> robin: we're going to turn to the latest on the college campus chaos. now impacting graduation ceremonies as they get under way this month. stephanie ramos is here with more for us. good morning, stephanie.

8:04 am

>> reporter: robin, good morning. pro palestinian demonstrations disrupted college campuses as commencement ceremonies took place over the weekend. this comes after weeks of protests. over the weekend, anti-war protesters disrupted several college graduation ceremonies. at duke university, jewish comedian jerry seinfeld was moments from giving his commencement address and minutes from receiving a degree when students began walking out. [ crowd booing ] seinfeld, who has voiced support for israel, later delivering his speech. >> a lot of you are thinking, i can't believe they invited this guy. too late. i say, use your privilege. i grew up a jewish boy from new york. that is a privilege if you want to be a comedian. >> reporter: the weekend was filled with similar scenes of pro palestinian protests at ceremonies from coast to coast. uc berkeley the student body president taking it all in stride after being interrupted

8:05 am

by a protester on stage. cu denver ceremony was temporarily paused after pro palestinian protesters began shouting. a slate saying we'll be back momentarily replacing the ceremony for a time. ♪ and last night, protesters clashed with police outside graduation ceremonies in los angeles. the ceremony had already been relocated due to security concerns. turmoil over protests related to the israel/hamas war seem to be everywhere. here in new york city, many ceremonies like columbia and fordham, were also disrupted by protesters. michael? >> michael: thank you for that. miami beach police department is rolling out a $250,000 patrol car. the police department has turned a rolls royce into a police cruiser. they're using the car as a recruitment tool, hoping to get more people to join the force. now they say the rolls is on

8:06 am

loan from a dealership, so no cost to taxpayers. >> robin: that was the question. >> michael: if you're gonna get arrested, go to jail in style. [ laughter ] go in a rolls royce. >> george: coming up in our gma morning menu, olivia munn reveals the tough decision she's had to make in her battle with cancer. >> michael: also the controversial surrounding this bill board in times square. >> robin: plus the young rookie game changers for the wnba just before the official tipoff of the regular season. and the liberty mascot is here to help us out. got the moves out there. and lara is with some very special guests. >> lara: robin, the stars of bridgerton are here. shonda rymes show is back. we'll hear all about the saucey new season. then this guy is also with us, jimmy kimmell. he's gone from late night to gma. he'll join us live in just a bit. all coming up on gma. we're ready.

8:07 am

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8:11 am

in the middle of being a kid again! beep! beep! ♪ there's something for everyone in illinois. the middle of everything! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> nice shot of the traffic flow in times square. back now with a cover story, olivia munn revealing news about her cancer fight. and lara has the story for us. >> i sure do. back in march, she decided to make your best cancer battle public, telling the world a better diagnosis and instagram post. now she's opening up about the latest step in her treatment and what it means for the future of her family. >> this morning, olivia munn is sharing her health battle, confirming she had a full hysterectomy in april as part of her battle against cancer.

8:12 am

the actress opening up to vogue in a mother's day edition about the difficult decision to have this surgery, just two months after revealing she also had a double mastectomy. saying, "doing a full hysterectomy was a big decision, but it was the best decision for me, because i needed to be present for my family." a full hysterectomy removes the uterus and cervix. it may also include the removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, which munn elected to do. munn was diagnosed last april with luminal b, a fast growing and aggressive breast cancer. the diagnosis coming as a shock after munn had gotten an all clear during her annual mammogram just three months prior. but after talking to her ob-gyn, munn discovered her risk was high due to family history, and having her first child over the age of 30. >> for luminal b cancer, this is a specific type of breast cancer that only makes up about 10% of

8:13 am

breast cancer diagnoses. it expresses a certain protein also known as the her2 protein quickens the quicken's the growth of cancer cells. to give her doctor ordered an mri and ultrasound, finding multiple tumors, revealing stage i breast cancer. within 30 days, munn underwent a double mastectomy. in an emotional on instagram, the act is sharing this video and a series of photographs. >> this stuff doesn't matter. i swear to god, i would give a limb to be alive. >> the hysterectomy, the latest surgery and her treatment journey, munn saying she had a real break down because "it is just so strange when even with this body your entire life, had you period for so long, feeling your ovulating, and all in all of a sudden it's gone." the munn will be able to carry more children, she and her partner, comic john mulaney, were able to create two healthy

8:14 am

embryos after she had eggs frozen, adding, "john and i talked about it a lot. we don't feel like we are done growing our family." aggressive cancers need aggressive treatment. that is what olivia says about her strategy, and while many breast cancers can be found through a screening or a mammogram, some 20% of breast cancer cases like munn's are missed. >> she had to be so aggressive, and this is so brave of her to come forward like this. >> we turn now to the controversy surrounding a billboard ad for breastfeeding mothers here in times square. rebecca jarvis has a story. >> good morning, george. on my way through times square today i saw ads for watches, a sandwich, and women in their underwear, but three days after an ad with a pregnant woman selling lactation cookies went up, the people behind it say they were told to take it down. >> this digital billboard featuring "new york times" best-selling cookbook author molly baz was supposed to

8:15 am

celebrate breastfeeding moms, that after three days, she was told the 45-foot ad marketing her so-called lactation cookies was being taken down. >> it is super disheartening and infuriating to me that my first public foray into being a public mother was one that was deemed inappropriate. >> the company that sponsored the billboard telling abc news they remove the ad following a message from clear channel, which owns the digital billboard, saying the image was flagged for review. >> that could mean that people complained, so it means either the channel of the billboard in times square receives complaints either from a few very important people or some very vocal people on social media, or can be a lot of people. >> from my perspective, the imagery we put together was no different from any of the other ads that are in times square. >> telling abc news they misinterpreted this message to mean that it had to be removed,

8:16 am

and communicated this. they provided a different ad, which was rotated in. telling abc news they received an email may 9th that clear channel removed the ad because it violates their guidelines for acceptable content, and not that it was being flagged for review, seeing they consent to the campaign to infuse fun and strength into this rite of passage, so you can imagine the team was infuriated to hear the ad was pulled for being unacceptable without any further context. >> we wanted a picture that showed a woman that was really empowered interpregnancy, so there was a lot of different poses and stances, and the one we chose is one where i am fully deli out, as i am today, holding these two cookies. >> she says the cookies in the ad are marketed to produce nutrient dense prince breast milk forpostpartum moms. >> there is a history of double standard that, when bodies,

8:17 am

specifically belgorod are shown, when it comes to selling lingerie, let's say, that's more acceptable. but when it has to do with prenatal illness or postnatal care, nursing, that tends to get flagged, and we see a little bit of backlash. >> we are going to keep amplifying this message that women and their pregnant bodies and everything that pregnancy and breastfeeding entails is something to celebrate. >> abc news reached out to clear channel for comment, but did not receive a response. speaking of amplifying a message, this might be the best thing to happen to the brand, because now we're talking about it. >> george was asking really good questions. >> i had never heard of lactation cookies. >> a lot of women are using them because they want to help their babies and produce the breast milk they can. >> thank you as always. one of the biggest sports stories of the year, the rise of women's basketball. tomorrow, the w and be off its

8:18 am

28th season after a record-breaking year in the pro and college games, with new stars joining the league, 2020 for promising to be the most exciting season yet. >> robin: the wnba is finally having its moment. >> the wnba is finally having its moment. >> she is been hot! >> the buzz surrounding this year's wnba season is palpable, with historic rivalries and new matchups brewing, ignited by the arrival of a dynamic rookie class coming in under the wings of the league's current top players and experienced veter veterans. number one draft pick caitlin clark already playing in front of a sold-out crowd in her first preseason game with the indiana fever. with a game-high of 21 points. >> rattles her second three!

8:19 am

>> and stand out talent angel recent making moves on and off the court, from walking the met gala carpet to running the floor in her first preseason game with the chicago sky. >> looks like it's going to be angel going to work here in the lane. how about that? >> the match up the minnesota after the league app didn't lynx was viewed on social media over two and half million times after it was live streamed on x, after the league gap didn't broadcast the game. >> i was not expecting the reception it got it all. i just posted on there and asked if anybody wanted me to try and scream for my phone, knowing that it would be lower quality, but it would be better than nothing, maybe. i was blown away. like, it just kept increasing over the entire game. >> according to google trends, searches about the w has skyrocketed, and tickets are in high demand, too, with stubhub

8:20 am

reporting a 93% increase in sales. the average price for the indiana fever jumping 80%, and two-time reigning champion las vegas aces sales going up by 190% compared to last season. >> this is going to be or cheat sheet for everything you need to know to tune into the wnba finals, because they were to be epic and you don't want to miss it. >> this sports content creator says social media is also playing a role in this resurgence. >> i think the talent has always been there, though it social media and with messages being amplified, it has allowed more people to get eyes on these girls, and as they transition into wnba players, it's allowing more eyes on the wnba, as well. i think that's incredible. >> it is incredible. who knows command we could be looking at future wnba starts right here in our studio! [cheers and applause] you never know! and there are more signs of excitement and growth of the wnba, two new teams joining the

8:21 am

league, when in the bay area in 2025, when in toronto in 2026, plus three players have mega deals for sneakers and apparel lines. caitlin clark and a'ja wilson with nike, and angel reese with reebok and a fashion line with good american. and we are here with ellie, the mascot! i'm telling you, it's great, the action you see on the court. but ellie on the sidelines during a liberty game is something to behold. i think you need a little help, because you're going to have a surprise for these young players. are you going to come out here and help ellie with the surprised? you all are going to the new york liberty game! yes! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ you all have tickets! this is a high ticket to come by this season in particular. you play with positive direction, is that the name of your league? >> yes. >> so you have been to a liberty game. what is the most exciting thing, other than ellie connect the most exciting thing about going to the game. >> the crowd and all the dances

8:22 am

during the time outs and have time. >> how about the players on the court? you think you can take them on? >> yeah. >> i let that confidence! you hurt her, she loves you at the games. the action starts tomorrow. espn2 has two marquee games. have y'all heard of caitlin clark? caitlin clark and her first of the nba regular season game the indiana fever taking on the connecticut sun, 7:00 p.m. eastern, followed by brittney griner and the phoenix mercury facing a'ja wilson and the defending champion aces after 10:00 eastern. you can see it all on espn2. but you don't have to watch it on tv, because you're going to the game! seco that's the way to do it! my producers just looked it up, too, and liberty are headed to the twin cities by saturday. it'll be warm by then, but not as smoky. it's been smoking the last 12 hours or so. that's video for minneapolis.

8:23 am

canada had their warmest winter on record, so now the fires are burning and the smoke from those fires are drifting into the great lakes and northern plains, and that's what we will see today. into aisle it will sink and eventually by tomorrow afternoon all the way down to oklahoma city and the plains of nebraska. so some smoke forec >> it's that time for pop news. lara, what you got? >> a little taylor time,

8:24 am

everybody. taylor swift news for you. a new year for taylor swift. the grammy winner taking paris by storm as she kicked off the european leg of her concert to her. she did four sold-out shows in the city of light and included a new era in the show to perform songs from the new album, jokingly telling the crowd that section of the show is titled "female rage: the musical." she also has some very special guests in the audience, and george and i get it, because we had listened in-depth to to the album. her mom, andrea, was at the show, which fell on mother's day, and taylor serenaded her with the song "marjorie," written about her maternal grandmother. beautiful song, very heartwarming. travis kelce, speaking of heartwarming, he was also in the audience enjoying the set list which included two songs reportedly about him, "high school" and "the alchemy." a new costumes including a white gown, with lyrics from from the show saying how

8:25 am

excited she is to "fortnight" printed on them. she said how excited she is to play for other european stops. next up, stockholm, sweden. on friday, ttpd remains number one on the charts for three weeks in a row. >> i knew she was going to incorporate that new music. had to do it. >> i've heard it's incredible. really exciting. in movie news, everybody, "kingdom of the "planet of the apes,"" it swung into theaters over the weekend and it reigned at the box office. just echo of the franchise. another saying the movie is a thrilling addition to the series . kingdom of the planet of the apes is in theaters everywhere now. >> remember when their two stars were here last week? they were all in it. they were all in it.

8:26 am

>> that's really if you did not see that, if you can go back that segment, i was like just watching in awe. fantastic. amazing. guys and then finally, guys, we have all done this. we've clicked the little boxes to acknowledge. yes, sure sure, sure. we read the terms and conditions, but who really among us has read all that fine print? i look at george because of course he has, but most of us are not. and a company in the uk called tax policy associates wanted to find out. so they conducted a little experiment to find out. they buried a little clause in their fine print saying they would send a very nice bottle of wine to the first person to catch that line in the fine print and notify them it took over three months. somebody did it, though. they found it and claimed a bottle of 2013 chateau de sal. >> very smart, very smart that long. so there you go. >> that's pop news. >> everybody all right lara jimmy kimmel is going to be here live when we come back as we continue on. good morning. kicking off this week. yes monday motivation michael come on feel it. >> we got jimmy. what more do we want? i don't know why i'm doing

8:27 am

this, but because they said the wrap gma tomorrow fire up your morning with train and reo speedwagon performing live cheap balwani you cause it's tomorrow on tour on gma. >> sponsored by live nation. oh my gosh, there's a lot of letters. it just means a lot of money. all right. okay >> as an astrophysicist, can you explain what just happened? >> celebrity wheel of fortune, new tonight at nine on abc for our lives will never be the same again. >> they'll be better. >> always live. abc seven news starts right now. >> good morning. i'm stephanie sierra from abc seven mornings. let's get a look at traffic. how's it looking out there? >> good morning. stephanie. some traffic trouble on the bay bridge for. so for anyone heading into the city, something to think about. there's a two car crash westbound 80 at the

8:28 am

incline. just look how it's impacting the crash. here's a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. from the toll plaza into the city. it will take you 23 minutes back to you, >> thank you. meteorologist drew tuma has your accuweather forecast right after this break. >> we are 100% committed, focused and determined to get our clients the best result possible. justice takes more than a fighter. you need a champion. wake up personal injury law. call 866. walk up law. >> in comes company, the smash hit broadway musical company. he winner of five tony awards, including best revival of a musical company, is a hilarious musical masterpiece about life, love and good company. >> critics give it five stars, saying yes, it's really that good. >> playing june 5th through 29th at the orpheum theater. tickets at broadway what's the

8:29 am

quickest, easiest, most affordable way to transform every room in your home? >> if you have old, ugly, or cheap hollow interior doors, one day doors and closets can replace them in just a few hours with absolutely no messy construction at your home, something's not right when your doors aren't nice, a nice interior door just elevates the house. >> and right now, with one day doors and closets by any five doors and get another five doors, absolutely free. but this offer is only available for a limited time schedule your free in-home consultation today. >> when lawyers who don't handle injury claims need help, they call us. justice takes more than a fighter. you need a champion. walk a personal injury law visit. walk up >> hey, bay area, live with kelly and marcus. coming up, let's chat with jimmy kimmel. >> plus alfonso rivera from america's funniest home videos is here. >> that's at nine on abc seven. we'll see you soon. >> here's live. look at the exploratorium camera. it is

8:30 am

cloudy out there with our may gray first thing this morning. temperatures right now we're generally in the 50s and will warm as the fog burns later on this morning. and we'll have some temperatures in the 70s and 80s away from the coast. so here's a look at the day planner today. we have that morning fog here giving way to increasing sunshine. the coast stays pretty foggy all day long in the 50s around the bay shoreline clouds, the sun 60s and 70s our warmest spots inland, a little above average. in the mid 80s, stephanie drew. >> thank you. we will have another abc seven news update in another abc seven news update in ♪ ♪ >> announcer: welcome back to gma live from times square. >> george: welcome back. jimmy kimmell host of jimmy kimmell live. good to have you. we usually pass in the night. >> i have been reading your book. it's great. >> george: thank you very much. >> i actually keep it in my

8:31 am

situation room, which is the bathroom. [ laughter ] i go through each chapter. it's good. it's very interesting. >> robin: coming in hot! jimmy coming in hot! >> george: he is. you're also coming back home. you grew up in brooklyn. what's your first stop? >> usually the hotel. i need to put my luggage down. i did something last night that i almost never do in l.a., i ate a slice of pizza at 1 a.m. in the morning. also, i haven't had the roof of my mouth burned for quite sometime. so it's funny. i said to my wife, i burned the top of my mouth. no, it's good. [ laughter ] >> robin: i'm home. i'm home. molly, you posted this picture. mother's day weekend. >> i did. a made a mistake for mother's day. i posted this picture that i thought was a cute picture of my wife. you can't see our dog because the gma -- my name is blocking

8:32 am

his face. there they are. they were all in bed. she said, this is the picture you chose to post? i said, yeah, what's wrong? my hair is wet. i have got my reading glasses on. i started the day on a sour note. [ laughter ] >> lara: well intentioned. >> i didn't know you were supposed to get approval. you think i'd know this. but i didn't. >> lara: i know you worked with molly on the oscars. what was that dynamic like, having her technically be y boss? >> i didn't look at it like that. i guess technically you're right. i always think of myself as the boss wherever i go. i could be visiting the white house and i'm in charge. it's interesting because my wife was the executive producer on the show. usually i just get the parts that are necessary to me.

8:33 am

but i was involved because my wife was involved, in everything. ryan gosling, his performance. the presenters. really, every bit of the oscars. i'd rather just be involved in my parts. >> lara: was she bringing it home? >> yes. it was in the home. in a big way. >> lara: how about the kids? were they supportive, positive? >> they don't even know what's going on. we did take this to ryan gosling's rehearsal to do "i'm just ken." my daughter, who's 9 years old, first time i ever saw her love struck, by ryan gosling. she was, whoa. i can't blame her. i felt the same way. >> george: you're at the critics stage yet? >> the only time they are interested is if they are on the show themselves. that's the only time they care about it. >> robin: that does happen from time to time. jon stewart recently surprised them on the way to school.

8:34 am

>> we picked up -- we got in a truck that wasn't ours because it had cameras in it. we told the kids we had a rental truck. we picked up olivia rodrigo. jon called and said, wouldn't it be fun if you picked me up and the kids don't know who i am. exactly what happened. afterwards we went home. putting jane to bed. jane said, i feel so bad i didn't know who dad's friend was. she told us she thought he was bruce springsteen. [ laughter ] i think he would have been flattered. it could have been worse. >> robin: could have been. >> lara: we were looking at the research. this is your 22nd season? >> you have research? >> lara: we sure do. >> you're really stepping it up. is it my 22nd year? >> lara: guilmero has been with you every step of the way. >> i couldn't do this without

8:35 am

him. i learned this morning guilermo did not want to come to new york and was talking about faking a positive covid result. [ laughter ] >> lara: i don't think you're joking. >> robin: how is that magic between you two? >> it's just one of those things, guilmero is a security guard at our show, for real, working in the parking lot. our announcer is like, you got to meet this guy guilmero. i wound up putting him in one of our bits. he played michael jackson's chef. he was so terrified. i remember just watching it happen thinking, oh, this guy's gonna be on the show a lot. [ laughter ] >> robin: tv gold. >> george: do you have an all-time favorite guest? >> all-time favorite guest? hard to say. i love having the legends. like we had carol burnett on. i feel i am really hosting a tv show because these are the

8:36 am

people i watched on tv when i was growing up. for me those are the most exciting guests. >> lara: matt damon not so much? [ laughter ] >> never been a guest. maybe he's great. i don't know. >> lara: poor guy. >> george: thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> george: jimmy kimmell airs week nights. coming up the cast of hello, i'm franklin graham. as we watch the news, it feels like

8:37 am

the whole world is filled and engulfed with hate. we see it on our college campuses. we see it across the world. where did this come from? you see, hate is coming from the human heart. god made us and he created us, but sin has come into the world, and it's come into each and every heart. and the only one who can fix the heart is god. and god did that by sending his son, jesus christ from heaven to this earth to take our sins. he died in our place on a cross, shed his blood, and was buried, but on the third day he walked right out of that grave. that's right, jesus christ is alive, and my questions is have you ever invited him into your heart?" if you haven't done it, do it right now. just say, god, i'm a sinner. i'm sorry. forgive me. i believe jesus is your son. i want to trust him as my savior, and i pray this in jesus' name. if you prayed that prayer call that number right now that's on the screen. god bless you!

8:38 am

8:39 am

♪ ♪ >> we are back now with three of the stars of the hit show "bridgerton" ahead of the highly anticipated season 3 premier. simone ashley, who plays lady kate, nicola coughlin, who plays penelope, and luke newton, also known as colin on the show. thank you three for being here. we are big fans of the show, by the way! and we know the cast is in town, a big premier event tonight, but you know is going to be crazy. but a little "bridgerton" group chat is going on. let's buzzing in the group chat? steege we had a check in on the group chat to see how everyone's doing. everyone is traveling individually, and everyone got in kind of last night, so we will have an opportunity tonight to celebrate together hopefully. because a quiet night. >> season 3, holding a dog with luke's face on the dog. >> you started that trend, you guys. it was kate and i.

8:40 am

she was the queen, because she is. well, the viscountess. it was julie andrews and regency gear. >> it keeps developing. >> it must have been a good group chat. to get all meet up in person. at the end of last season your character got married. so now you are passing the torch to nicola, and your season will be the romantic lead. how is that to pass the torch along? >> it's an honor. these guys are my friends as well as my costars, so i have been -- it's been so amazing to just see them take it off and just smash it. it's been easy. >> she's been amazing. >> i just pick up the phone to nicola like, if you need anything, i'm here. she's incredible. >> she has been so kind. she also made us friendship bracelets. that's how great she is. >> cannot be an extra so i can get in on this?

8:41 am

>> where you from? >> i would be called anything. i don't even need to be called a lord. >> you can be a light, ado, a viscount, whatever you want. >> i like "dude." >> duke strahan is coming to town. we will get you a horse and carriage. we are work shopping. >> last night i get a title, a horse, and a carriage! on moving up! nicola, this season your character, penelope, you have a crush on colin. you are the focus of the season, in which colin is of course played by you, luke. how would this transition from you, you, all of a sudden, we are in the forefront? >> it's a lot. i have so much respect for simone and phoebe, who did it in season one. it is so much work. [laughs] it's exhausting. eight months, it's relentless. but it's amazing. we had such a great time. i adore luca, he's the most wonderful friend. we had so much fun, and it was fun flipping around and to have

8:42 am

him be the one with the crash. >> there's nothing better than working with people who you enjoy working with. and you enjoy working together. we will take a look at a clip right now. take a look. >> no more talk of books if you are to secure a match. you must engage in real life. i would like to see her skills as they are, for us. >> what if i have none? >> you know how to waive your land, flutter your lashes. often, that's all it takes. men are quite simple beings. >> i suppose i can show you. >> not me, them. >> so cool! >> i love that you love watching her do that. >> you really look amazing. >> luke, we know the fans have given you a new couple nickname. what is it? >> "polin >> this couple has, like, and emoji. we have a bee in our season for

8:43 am

obvious reasons. you have a cool one. >> the mirror emoji. >> i never use the mirror emoji. >> i didn't even know there was one until now. i need to catch up. we know the costumes within themselves are a work of art. and the characters themselves. but i know you went to the met ball. what is easier, "bridgerton" costumes or met ball costumes? >> "bridgerton" costumes, if you're wearing a corset you can't touch your toes, so we have the most amazing costume ladies that help us and make our days so much easier. and we can focus on our work. i would say "bridgerton" costumes. it's worth it, though, because we get to step out and just look amazing in these beautiful gowns. >> show up at 4:00 a.m. looking like a complete mess, and then you are like, "wow!" [laughter] >> nicola, we talked about this a little earlier. lady whistledown, exposed!

8:44 am

how will that spice up the drum of the season now that that's happened? >> i always think -- even let say in season 3, episode 1, if colin came and said, "i love you, let's get married," "i forgive you, let's do that," you still have whistledown hanging over it. it is humming along. i think she tries to ignore it, but she can't ignore forever. >> "shady whistledown." [laughter] >> that's what you get in the group chat. "you know what i really think?" >> we have enjoyed having you three here. we are big fans of the show. and continued success. congratulations, enjoy the party tonight. i know you will be in bed by 9:30. hopefully not! "bridgerton" season 3, part 1, is available to stream globally this thursday on netflix. i know there's going to be some binging going on. now let's go over to ginger. >> many thanks, duke speed

8:45 am

to strahan ! which is what i will call you from this point forward. it's about to get real tipsy, especially later this week. south florida expects heat advisories, if not extreme heat warnings. we will see that from corpus christi to laredo later this week. big numbers and potential records. this is why we are not having records, in part, because flood watches are up there tomorrow morning and beyond from parts of east texas right >> coming up, these guys! kidz bop, live, performing us here on "gma." he said the music

8:46 am

a slow network is no network for business. that's why more choose comcast business. and now, we're introducing ultimate speed for business —our fastest plans yet. we're up to 12 times faster than verizon, at&t, and t-mobile. and existing customers could even get up to triple the speeds... at no additional cost. it's ultimate speed for ultimate business. don't miss out on our fastest speed plans yet! switch to comcast business and get started for $49.99 a month. plus, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. call today!

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>> we're back now on tour with kidz bop. ♪ ♪ >> we >> we're back now on tour with kidz bop. they're heading out on the road and will be performing hit after hit on their tour. you can scan the qr code right now to get information on how to score $25 tickets through concert week. i want to shout out to the young super fans we have here in the studio. as well they should be. you're killing it. we heard you rehearsing this morning. so fun hearing these great songs we all know and love. for you to perform tyler, how is it to perform these songs with your spin on them? >> it's amazing. we put in so much hard work during rehearsals and the hour wes train for the show. yeah. i just love seeing fans reactions to everything we put together. >> lara: you work really hard.

8:49 am

you're really good, too. >> thank you so much. >> lara: we have is a question from one of our super fans. emma, are you out there? i understand you a question. go for it. >> what do your school friends think about you going on tour? >> my school friends have always supported me through my dream of being on tour. i cannot wait for them to come see one of our shows. >> lara: thank you. that's so great. thank you so much. that was a good question. let me ask you this. you are about to perform a song we know "greedy." what do you like about this song? >> i definitely love the choreograph we put together. of course the song itself. >> lara: your take on it is pretty cool. i'm excited about the choreography. you guys can move. you can catch them on their big national tour. right now off their upcoming album kidz bop 2024 here's

8:50 am

"greedy." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i said are you serious i tried but i can't figure out i have been next to you all day and still don't know what you're about ♪ ♪ you keep talking but not mitch coming out your mouth can't you tell that i like you i say yeah ♪ ♪ i would like myself please believe me you doing it all just to know me yeah yeah ♪ ♪ so sure of yourself baby don't get greedy that just won't end well no it won't end well ♪ ♪ i see you looking back down but you'll never know much past my name is ♪ ♪ or how i'm running this room around and i can't hear what you

8:51 am

say ♪ ♪ you're looking at me like i can't anyway obvious that you like me but i said ♪ ♪ i would like myself please believe me you doing it all just to know me yeah yeah ♪ ♪ so sure of yourself don't get greedy that just won't end well no it won't end well ♪ ♪ they said i'm just curious is this for real or just an act can't tell if you like me never met someone like that ♪ ♪ drive me so so crazy did you know you got that effect i said let me check yeah ♪ ♪ i would like myself please believe me you doing it all just to know me yeah yeah ♪ ♪ so sure of yourself baby don't get greedy that just won't end well no it won't end well ♪ ♪ i would like myself

8:52 am

i would like myself i would like myself i would like myself ♪ ♪ i would like myself ♪ ♪ uh uh um ♪ [ applause ] >> ginger: on tour on gma is sponsored by live nation. live nation presents concert week. $25 tickets to over 5,000 shows. happy kids h

8:53 am

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8:55 am

>> look who's waking up with gma. >> look who's waking up with "gma!" tomorrow, rob mcelhenney lives, and david beckham. the cast of "bridgerton." what will they reveal about the new season? and michael strahan on his feud with daryl hall and his new music, on "gma. >> tomorrow, fire up your morning with train and reo speedwagon performing live. >> ♪ and i'm gonna keep on loving you ♪ team. have a great day. >> gma wednesday morning angie harmon she says her dog ollie was shot and killed by a delivery person bringing her groceries in an instacart delivery. now, in a morning exclusive, angie harmon, who is suing instacart, shares her

8:56 am

story wednesday on good morning america. drugs like ozempic so many people are using them or want to use them. if you're on these drugs, what should you eat to get the protein you need? how can they help with your heart health? and what's the best plan after hitting your goal weight this week? gma with the science behind it all for you. >> so what's good to read. and we mean really good to read right now. well that's where charlie and kate gibson can help. join us for the new podcast series. >> it is called the bookcase with kate and charlie. >> we will make sure you love what you read. listen wherever you get your podcasts. >> they call him the beauty queen killer. he's targeting young women in malls. >> i am single, i want to enjoy the company of a number of women . >> he tortured me. >> how did she survive nine days of terror? >> the word accomplice came up. >> nobody knows the real story. >> the beauty queen killer. only

8:57 am

on hulu. >> are you ready for this? i have been to the ends of time and back. i've never seen anything like this before. and i'd love it if you came with me. hold on tight. but i can't trace time. >> i'm chris smith, president of cresco. you already know we rent the small stuff at cresco. but don't forget, we rent the big stuff, too, from bulldozers and wheel loaders to excavators. rollers compactors and more. cresco has what you need when and where you need it. let our equipment consultants help you select the right piece of gear for your next project. i'm chris smith from cresco, and if you need it, big or small, cresco and cresco express have got it. >> are you ready for ultra reliable, ultra fast, award winning internet and better mobile experience? astounding service and savings tailored to

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your needs, all from astound. more value, superior customer service. get internet for just $20 a month and add unlimited mobile on one of the nation's largest, most reliable 5g networks, free for 12 months. be astounded and switch today. >> it may be small, but it can bear over 4000 times its own weight. and that's just the hinge. sturdy design all the way down to the smallest detail. the taos up in. it's a vw. get 0% apr financing for 60 months on the 2024 taos s, or lease one for just 259 per month. limited inventory available. >> the high flying adventure begins. join peter, wendy lily and captain hook on an

8:59 am

adventure to neverland for the entire family. think the loveliest thoughts and get ready to take flight. peter pan 25th through the 30th at san jose center for the performing arts. on sale at broadway, san jose. .com >> getting ready 45 minutes from doing this. three seconds flat when life plays dirty water wipes. water wipes. pure, clean, healthy skin always live. >> abc seven news starts right now. good morning, i'm stephanie sierra from abc seven mornings. >> here's a look at traffic with amanda. >> good morning stephanie. yeah a major issue on our east bay roadways. you can see from this camera behind me, traffic is stopped in the northbound direction of 880 because of a motorcycle crash. just as drivers past the coliseum. now the crash is at 29th avenue. there is a backup to davis

9:00 am

street in san leandro, so emergency crews are also on scene responding. drew. >> hey, amanda, we'll take you to our south beach camera this morning where it is cloudy from this vantage point. temperatures right now underneath the clouds, 40s and 50s, where we have some sunshine. we're already into the 60s this morning, so we'll take a look at our day planner. you'll notice that cloud cover first thing increasing sunshine in all areas except the coast. that'll stay foggy a wide range of temperatures later on today. stephanie. thanks drew. >> time now for live with kelly and mark. we'll be back at 11 for midday live. have a day great day. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and mark!" today, late night talk show host jimmy kimmel, from "america's funniest home videos," alfonso ribeiro!

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