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1, THE CASSOPOLIS VIGILANT, CASSOPOLIS, MICH. ROBERT J. ALEY Robert J. Aley, president of the University of Maine, was elected president of the National Education association at the convention of that organization in New York city. BRITISH BOYCOTT RAISES BIG STORM Publication of London Blacklist Believed to Be Opening Gun in Trade War.

Washington. July 11ood of protest from all parts of the United States against the British boycott is pouring in upon the White House and the state department. The action of Great Britain in making public a genferal list of American firms who "trade have been boycotted because they with England' enemies" has aroused public sentiment, and demands for retalintory legislation are reaching here from various commercial organizations and individuals affected. The state department is planning action. It.

must wait. officials say, a "reasonable time" for official notification of Great Britain's action. If that is not forthcoming. a direct inquiry will be made nt London. Officials very frankly say that the making.

public of this boycott list is, in their opinion, the opening gun in what likely will prove A relentless trade war against all neutrals who have refused to accept without protest the restrictions placed upon commerce by the entente allies. They point to the fact that the present boycott list was prepared by the British board of trade and that it has been operative for more than a year, although only just now made public, as indicating that the measure is one planned by British exporters and manufacturers to regain their trade lost by the war. The making public of the list now, oflicials believe, was in anticipation that at the end of the present great drive on the eastern and western fronts peace negotiations will assume a definite form. MEXICO SUBMITS PROPOSAL. Asks That Each Government Appoint Commission to Arrange Settlement.

Mexico City, July Chief Carranza submits to the government of the United States in a formal note to Secretary Lansing the proposal that the de facto government and the United States government 'euch appoint a commission of three members to meet and arrange a basis for the settlement of the differences between the two countries. VILLISTA MEN RUSH TRAIN. Hungry Mexican Bandits Beaten Off by Carranzista Guards. Chihuahua, Mexico, July band of Villistas attacked a train ou the Mexican Northwestern near Santa Ysabel, about 50 miles west of here Wednesday. according to al report to Gen.

Jacinto Trevino. The bandits were beaten off, and eight of them, who were captured, were brought here for court-martial. FEAR 200 FISHERMEN LOST. Large Fishing Fleet Reported Caught in Monsoon. London, July hundred fisheriven are believed to have lost their lives in :1 monsoon off the const of Colombo, Ceylon, according to a dispatch received by the Exchange Telegraph company.

A large tishing fleet was caught by the storm and more than 100 boats have failed to return. Ask Home Rule at Once. London, July meeting of the nationalist members of the house of commons in London approved the demand of John Redmond that the Irish home rule bill be introduced without delay. U. S.

Built Diver for Spain. Madrid. July is announced ofnicially that the cruiser Estremadura shortly will gO the Cnited States to take over submarine which has been built for Spain and which is now undergoing trials in an American port. War Crosses to Americans. Paris, July Americans, members of the American sanitary unit, were decorated with the war They are Joseph W'eudell and Henry Hollingshead of Now Jersey.

War Tires Bulgaria. London. July wireless di4patch from Rome tratisinits Sofia advices stating that Bulgaria is seriously considering making peace, and that Premier Hadoslavof has summoned the sobranie to discuss the situation. BRITISH CAPTURE IMPORTANT WORKS Carry German Forts on Outskirts of Pozicres. WAY INTO VILLAGE IS WON Report Says on Other Parts of Battle Front the Fighting Is Equally intense, But No Definite Progress Reported.

London. July -The battle on the British from in northern Franco VaS resumed along the whole line from I'oaiores to Guillemont, the war oflice report says. 'Tho British captured the German alter works near P'oziores, astrido the road 10 Bapaume, by assault all carried the fighting into the village. Longnoval WAN also the scone of AL desperate struggle. A later statement announced furthor progress around with the capture of number of prisoners.

There was fighting ol' intense mature along the whole line all day Sunday. The official statement says: battle has been resumed today all along the German front from zieres 10 Guillemont. and reached stage of intense violence. "In the neighborhood of L'oziores territorial and Australian troops, tacking from the southwest and southeast respectively, carried the German outer works by assault shortly after midnight. Violent fighting HOW is taking place in the village, where the Germans are offering al desperate resistance with large numhers of machine guns.

"On other parts of the battle front the fighting is equally intonse. and here no definite progress is vet reported. At one time we had recaptured the whole of Longueval, but the enemy once more regained the northI'll end of the village. Similarly the outskirts of Guillemont already have twice changed hands." ALLEGED SMUGGLERS NABBED. Seven Americans and One Mexican taken Into Custody.

Columbus, N. July 5. Seven Americans and one Mexican were taken into custody south of the aler and locked up here pending vestigation of smuggling charges by United States custom nuthorities. Two automobiles loaded with whisky. wine, shoes and guns and ammunition in which the men were ing south along the line of the punitive expedition wore brought lack across the boundary by civil police officers acting for local customs agents.

The arrest was made near l'alomas, 15 miles below here in Mexico. SENATE PASSES NAVY' BILL. Calls for Ten Battleships, Six Battle Cruisers and Smaller Craft. Washington, July senate the naval bill by al vote of 71 to 8, calling for ten battleships and six battle cruisers in the three-year building program. The bill was passed after El bitter all-day battle, in which the small navy advocates were beaten back point by point.

Every effort to diminish the number of ships provided by the bill was promptly voted down. Republicans voting against the bill were Senators Clapp, Curtis, Cummins, La Follette, Norris and Works. Democrats opposing it were Senators Thomas and Vardaman. GAINS $3,000,000 ON U- BOAT. German Wro Sent Dyestuff Cargo on Deutschland Wins Fortune.

Washington July comfortable profit of $3,000,000 was made by the man who conceived the idea of sending the Deutschland to the United States with a cargo of dyestuff. It was learned here that Herr Lohmann, whose idea made him wealthy, purchased concentrated essences of dyestuffs at cost price in Germany. He arranged for direct sale of the product to American manufacturers, thus avoiding the payment of commissions and other brokerage charges. DEATH DANCE OF BATTLES. and WE recognize our powerlessness over what cannot be changed.

"After two years of war the angel of destruction is passing through the ranks of German armies with :1 fury and mercilessness as if the death dance of battles had only just begun." German Correspondent Says Angel of Death Is Through Army. Rotterdam. July 25. -Max Osborn. in a dispatch to the Vossische Zeitung of Borlin, from western headquarters.

says: "We are shaken by burning pain n9 new streams of German blood are flowing and WE recognize our powerlessness Four Die in Wreck. Bristol, July tail-end collision between a freight train and 2 train carrying workmer to damaged truck districts on the Norfolk W'estern railway resulted in the death of four men and injury to 13 more. Britain Stands Pat. London. July Britain does not propose to add to the blacklist of American firms and has no intention of withdrawing or modifying its policy.

Lord 1 Robert Cecil made this announcement here. Street Car Dynamited. Wilkes-Barre. July street car was blown up with dynamite here. making the socond attempt within two days to kill strike-breaking crews.

The motorman and conductor had a narrow escape from death. Danger of Plague Passed. Washington, July United States public health service announced that danger of a further spread of infantile paralysis has passed. Health oflicals said the situation is now en' tirely under control. MRS.

FRANCES E. BEAUCHAMP Mrs. Frances E. Beauchamp of Lex. ington, as secretary to the national executive committee of the Prohibition party, called the roll of 254 delegates to the party's national convention in St.

Paul. STATUS OF DIVER AGAIN PROTESTED Allies Unite Against Holding Deutschland Peaceful -Reasons Are Pointed Out. Washington. July accordance with instructions from their governments, Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, the British ambassador, and M. Jusserand, the French ambassador, set forth 10 the state department the reasons why the United States should not regard ressels of the Deutschland type as merchantmev.

The reasons are as follows: "That merchantmen cannot be overhauled and visited and searched, us is possible in the case of surface craft, because of their ability. to dive and escape. "That such ships, because of their submersibility, are able to evade 1111- nicipal law with special reference to customs, quarantine, etc. "That such ships call be transformed with ease from merchantment into warships. in case of war between a great maritime state and a smaller nation the latter would have the right to purchase submarine' merchantmen, and when the ships arrived at the port of the purchaser they could be provided with guns and torpedoes and sully forth to attack the enemy ships.

"That a refusal oll the part of a state to sell submarine merchantmen I could be regarded as an unneutral act." The allies are especially anxious for the Cited States to change its ruling in the case of the Deutschland because of. their expectation that the central powers will launch a large number of these craft and utilize them for the purpose of obtaining supplies of raw materials which they need 111 order to continue the war. They point out. moreover, that it is of prime import for the United States not to set al precodent which may cause it serious concern in the future." MEMPHIS CAR STRIKE IS WON. Conductors and Motormen Gain Their Point in Twenty-Four Hours.

Meniphis, July after they had struck for recognition of their union, reinstatement of G0 discharged employees and increased wages, GOD conductors and motormen of the Memphis Street Railway company returned to work. Thousands of men and women surged through the streets, baffling attempts to operate cars with nonunion JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY DIES. Laureate of Middle West Quietly Passes Away at Indianapolis. Indianapolis, July Whitcomb Illey, the Indiana poet, is load. Mr.

Riley suffered from the extreme heat, but was thought to he resting He asked his nurse for a drink of water and when she returned with It he was dead. Death was due to a stroke of paralysis. EMPEROR'S ILLNLESS SERIOUS. Reported That Family Has Been Summoned to Bedside. London, July Exchange Telegraph company dispatch from Geneva reiterates the report recently sent out from Rome that Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria is gravely ill and that the imperial family has been summoned to his bedside at Schoenbrunn castle.

Bank Clerks Miss Vacation. Washington. July Williams announced that 001 of country national banks and 10 per cont of dorks in national banks of reserve and federal reserve cities have had no vacations for five years. Find Boy on Rails. Glasboro, N.

July ery halted a freight train 011 the Bridgeton branch of West Jersey Seashore railroad here. The train (Tow investigated and found a boy about tell years old between the rails. Suppress Belgian Food Rioters. Rotterdam, Holland, July riots which broke out in Belgium and northern France have been suppressed by the German military authorities, according to reports received here from reliable sources. Baby Plague Is Waning.

Now York, July A decrease in the number of new cases and an increase of one in the number of deaths from infantile paralysis were reported here. There were only 80 new cases reported. THIRTY-FIRST M.N.G. DOINGS AT BORDER QUESTION ARISES WHAT WILL THE OUTCOME BE IF THEY RELEASE MEN WITH DEPENDENTS. SIXTY- EIGHT ASI.

'RELEASE Coi. Wa'ter Barlow Hints At Universa! Military Training if Married Men Are Given Frecdom. Camp Cotton, Pitso. TexasCol. Walter Barlow and his staff lave arrived at conclusion the experiences of the United Sates government with the guard on the bordor will result in universal mililary training.

Providing several hundred members of each regiment are released because they have dependents, however, the question of the future of the state guard, when the present members are mustered out. is one which is attracting attention. If the war department is to allow the release of all men with dependents the question arises, will the state guard again accept married men to membership. This is predic. ted by many guardsmen.

The bill of June 3 calls for an army of 400.000 men. double the present size. Where are these men to come front if all men with dependents are barred. It is possible those who stood originally for a continental army are today laughing in their sleeves at the discomfiture of the regimental commanders. A canvass of six companies in the Michigan of Detroit re.

Thirty the following number of men who wish release. Already 54 in these companies have asked for. release. While a total of 225 wish to go home, none of these men have the money to return in case they are discharged. In Co.

11 men wish rolease, three on the ground they have mothers, eight that they have wives; Co. 16, 10 with wives, three with mothers and fathers; Co. C. 17, 10 with wives, five with mothers, two both father and mother; Co. 12, five on account of wives, seven with mothers; Co.

E. seven, two on account of mothers, five with wives; Infirmary, seven, one on account of mother: Co. five. account of wives and both parents. Sergeant Rudalph Ziss of Co.

has a. wive and six children; Cook Chris. Geigle has a wife and three children; Corporal Henry B. Doane of Co. has a wife and three chil.

dren. First Sergeant George F. Williams of Co. Jackson, says the county is allowinfes, every member of and who have famIlies dependent upon them, $10 a month. The money is paid to the families.

This, in spite of the fact that men with dependents may be released. FIVE MEN ARE GIVEN PAROLE Gov. Ferris Frees Prisoners As Result of Visit To Marquette. Lansing--Governor Ferris has PXtended executive. clemency to the following prisoners of Marquette as a result of his visit to the prison last Sunday: Walter Hopper, sentenced from Ottawa county in August, 1911, for life for murder raroled.

Dominic Lacaripa, sentenced in December, 1914, from Houghton county, 'five to tell years for second degree murder, paroled. Fred Randall, sentenced from Kent county in October. 1913, to serve two and one half to fivo years for larceny, sentence commuted to expire July 18. Jackson prison men given clemency: Frank Bierry, suntenced from Jack. county to serve 25 years for a son felony in 1902, paroled.

Charles Rewa, sentenced in June 1910 from Wayne county to serve seven and one half to 15 years for second degree murder, paroled. MICHIGAN NEWS ITEMS Harry MacGrugor, of Kalamazoo, who stole a doctor's automobile, will spend two years at least in Jackson prison for his offense. A complete cleaning of the inland waters of Michigan, and the taking therefrom those habitat is really the Great Lakes, is forecasted by the result of some work done by the state game and fish commissioner in Black lake, Chetoygan county. Earl 84 prisoner in the lonia reformatory, was paroled by GovFerris on June: 22, but still is in proson. The records in the governor's office show that a parole was issued, but what became of it nobody has been able to discover.

By comparative estimates it was shown that the United States government appropriated $5,016,175 for investigation and prevention of diseases of animal and plant life and only 917,566 for investigation and prevention of diseases of man. Mrs. George B. Norton, life long resident and prominent in woman's relief corps circles at Eaton Rapids, aged 70. She is survived by her husband, to whom she was married 51 years ago, 011 his return from the Civil war.

Wexford, Osccola, Missaukee and Kalkaska counties will try to get together for the establishment of a tuberculosis sanitarium for the use of the counties mentioned, and the Kalkasha county hoard of supervisors has appoint 9, committee to meet similar connittees from the other counties in furtherance of the plan. MICHIGAN NEWS BRIEFS NAMED FOR PRESIDENT Prohibitionists Pick Candidates at St. Paul. LANDRITH IS RUNNING MATE! Choose Former Governor of Indiana cn First Ballot--Unanimous on Second Place -Summary of the Platform. Approves strict interpretation of Monroe doctrine.

Opposes abandonment of the Philippine islands at this time, but favors ultimate independence. Favors nonpolitical promotion, to be governed by civil service regulation, applicable to all federal executive officials. Favors equitable retirement law for maintenance of superannuated federal cinployees. Declares for Americanism. Favors uniform marriage and divorce laws and complete suppression of white slavery.

Declares for prohibition of child labor, approves an eight-hour day with, one hour rest each day and extension of compensation and liability to federal acts. Opposes "pork barrel" legislation and useless federal expenditures. Favors public ownership cf utilities to be operated in the interest of all people. in. equality of all persons.

Favors separation of church and state, with guaranty of full religious and civil rights to all. Favors public grain elevators, owned and operated by the federal government. and abolition of speculation on markets. Favors government ownership of cotton warehouses. to be operated with- St.

l'aul. July Frank Hauly. foriner governor of Indiana, was nominated for president of the United States on the Prohibition ticket, and Dr. Ira D. Landrith of Nashville.

was named for 1 the vice presidency, at the concluding session of the party's national convention. Hanly's nomination came on the first ballot. Doctor Landrith was unanimously nominated by al rising vote after a all other candidates for the vice presidency, among them Mr. Hendrickson, withdrawn. Approximately 2.500 words are contained in the platform, which.

suiumarized, makes the following declarations: Expresses opposition to the "wasteful military programs Democratic and Republican parties," but fuvors "preparedness for peace." Support would be given 21 "compact among nations to dismantle navies and disband armies," but until "such court and compact are established we pledge ourselves to maintain an effective army and navy and to provide coast defenses entirely adequate for national protection." Favors reciprocal trade treaties to he negotiated, with all nations and commissions appointed to gather facts. Favors national legislation to encourage establishment of an adequate fleet of American merchant ships. Opposes war with Mexico, pledges aid to the protection of American lives and favors use of force wheu necessary. tion of the National Association of that if revenues from second-class mail should be increased, "extravagance for useless political service" in the rural mail system curtailed and payments to railroads for mail transportation under the new space basis reduced, he could recommend to cougress next year that let- out private profit. ONE-CENT.

LETTER POSTAGE. Burleson Talks, to National Association cf Postmasters. Washington. July General Burleson told the conven- tor postage be reduced to one cent. RUSS ADVANCE ON ERZINGAN.

Take Town of Keikid-Cheftlik-Big Battle Near Revanduz. London. July important advance in the Russian drive on Erzingan was the principal erent eil from Asiatic Turkey. The Russians have taken the town of Kelkid-Cheftlik, which is about midway to the west between Baiburt and Erzingan. the objective of the offensive from Erzerum.

Food Ricts in Bulgarian City. Saloniki. July riots are taking place at Kavalia, Bulgaria. formation was received here that 7.000 persons marched through the city crying. us bread!" Germany Denies Loss.

Berlin, July semioficial Transocean News bureau issued a statement denying the British claim that the German dreadnaughts Kaiser and Kronprinz were sunk in the engagement off Jutland. Must Label Storage Eggs. New York. July Septemher 1 New Yorkers can make sure of their 'The law requires labeling of coldstorage CHIS the shell letters at least one-eighth of an sinch high. Flood Toll Now 49.

Raleigh. N. (.. July Additional bodies found during the last 14 hours In widely separated districts of North Carolina bring the total of deaths resulting from the recent floods up to 40. A score or more are missing.

Biggest Warship Joins Fleet. Norfolk, July l'ennsylvania. America's newest and most powerful warship, has left to join the Atlantic fleet. She will become the flagship of the fleet and will get the first trial of her gigantic guns. WOMAN HAD NERVOUS TROUBLE Lydia E.

Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Helped Her. West Danby, N. have had nervous trouble all my life until I took Lydia E. Pinkham's I Vegetable Compound for nerves and for female troubles and it straightened me out in good shape. I work nearly all the time, as we live on a farm and I have four girls.

Ido all my sewing and other work with their help, 80 it shows that I stand it real well. I took the Compound when my ten year old daughter came and it helped me a lot. I have also had my oldest girl take it and it did her lots of good. I keep it in the house all the time and recommend it. Mrs.

DEWITT SINCEBAUGH, West Danby, N. Y. Sleeplessness, nervousness, irritability, backache, headaches, dragging sensations, all point to female derangements which may be overcome by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. This famous remedy, the medicinal ingredients of which are derived from native roots and herbs, has for forty years be a most valuable tonic and invigorator of the female organism.

Women everywhere bear willing testimony to the wonderful virtue of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. At a Wedding. They have al saw in Afghanistan to the effect that the next best thing to 1:0 wife is a good wife. The Senegalese declare that there are only two good women in the world -one is dead and the other can't be found.

The Chinese hold that if a nian lose his bride and a yen, he'll regret the yen. A yen's about a tenth of a cent. But more comforting. far more comforting than these proverbs, in the wise saying of Don Quixote that there's only one good I in all the world, and every husband ought to think that his wife is she. WHY SUFFER SKIN TROUBLES When a Postcard Will Bring Samples of Cuticura? Which give quick relief for all itching, burning, disfiguring skin troubles.

Bathe with the Cuticura Soap and hot water. Dry and apply Cuticura Ointment to the affected part. They stop itching instantly and point to speedy healment often when all else fails. Free sample each by mail with Book. Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept.

Boston. Sold Husband's Protest. With a view to advertising his business, a certain dentist announced that he would supply artificial teeth to the first twelve aged ladies in poor circ*mstances who applied for them. The earliest application on the appointed day was all elderly woman in shabby but respectable clothes, who was politely ushered into the waiting room. Scarcely was she seated when a redfaced old man came to the place, and announced that.

he had come "about then teeth." "You are making a mistake." the dentist replied. "I only made my offer to ladies. In fact, there's one lady waiting now." "Ay, an' it's about 'er I've come," retorted the old man, gruffly. "Tell, 'er 'er 'ushand's waitin' for 'er, and if she don't 'op out quick, there'll be trouble. She's got a happetite like an 'oss already, and if you set 'er up wi' strong lot of teeth, she'll eat both me an' 'er into the work'us in a week.

Send 'er out at Tit-Bits. dick." said Fanny. "Reddick," said the drug store man, "what is that?" is something you write red with." I guess you mean red ink." "My father said reddick, but he didn't get much sleep last night and talks kind of thick this morning, and that may he the reason." Affected His Speech. "My. father wants a bottle of red- Grape Nuts embodies the full, rich nutriment of whole wheat combined with malted barley.

This combination gives 1 it a distinctive, delicious flavor unknown to foods made from wheat alone. Only selected grain is used in making GrapeNuts and through skillful processing it comes from the package fresh, crisp, untouched by hand, and ready to eat. Through long baking, the energy producing starches of the grain are made wonderfully easy of digestion. A daily ration of this splendid food yields a. marvelous return of health and comfort.

"There's a Reason" Sold by Grocers everywhere. and The state board of health is in. vestigating possibie cases of infantile paralysis at Ionia, Greenville and River Rouge. More than 2,000 miners are out ou strike al Menominee and 50 have already been deported. Troops may be asked for.

While Mrs. Tracy Six of Orange township went to call her husband from the hay field. their home caught fire and their 10-months-old baby perished in the flames. A good road has been opered from St. Ignace to Manisque, Gladstone, Escanala and Newberry and automobiles can now get through the heavy sands of Point Aux Chene.

More than 500 foreigners have declared their intentions of becoming citizens the United States, in the last two years in Genesee county as a result of the European war. Invitations have been sent to Vice. President Thomas Marshall and Char. le-3 W. Fairbanks to address the annual picnic of the Kalamazoo County Pioneers' association in August.

"Fire prevention should be taught in the schools for at least 15 min. utes every week," said John T. Win. ship, state fire marshall al the state firemen's convention 1 held in Detroit. 'The 1917 legislature will be asked to redistrict counties as to their place of commitment.

for insane persons. All hospitals, but one, are so crowded that more inmates cannot be accommodated. Two new cases of infantile paralysis have been discovered in Michigan. according to reports received by Secretary Burkart of the state board of health. One case has been reported from Ida, Monroe county, and the other from Coldwater.

Auditor. General Fuller says that he will not change his mind on granting the increase in Warden. Simpson's salary at Jackson prison despite the flood of criticism which has appeared in the state press since his refusal to pass favorably, on an increase. With a gain of more than 150 over last year's record, the University. of Michigan summer school, with a 804 total, now ranks fifth in size of the summer sessions in the nation.

Columbia and California, occupy the first two places, and Chicago and Wigconsin are the others that surpass Michigan. The United States government will make a sanitary survey in Michigan. The government wants to know all about the water which the various railroads of the state put in the cool. ers of their cars. To this end Harry Pike one of the U.

sani. tary engineers, has visited Lansing to get official information regarding the sources of this water supply. When the state board of equalization convene at Lansing in August it will be confronted by rolls fixing the valuation of property in Michigan at nearly $3,200,000,000. Two years ago the figures presented by the county boards. totaled $2,677,867,954, which was boosted to $2.712,145,396 by the state board.

It is believed the equalized valuation of the state will be about $3,000,000,000 when the board finishes its work. The special probing committee of the board of supervisors of Saginaw county announced to the board in adjourned June session that its work is over. It cost the county $8,000. So far $18,000 has been recovered in Blard report is based upon reports sent in' by phisicians a and until it was made public no one appeared to know that the disease had claimed so many children this year in the state. Of the 3,174 deaths reported during June, tuberculosis claimed the most victims, 236, while cancer was second with 211, and 200 died of violence.

The number of deaths for June cor. responds to a death rate of 12.5 per 1.000 estimated population. State Game and Forestry Warden William R. Oates is notifying his various deputies to keep strict watch for forest fires. The absence of rain has made some of the cutover land as dry as tinder and sever.

al small fires have been reported. Dean Victor C. Vaughan, head of the U. of M. Medical school, has been appointed a member of tional committee of doctors, by the federal government, which has de.

cided that 20.000 doctors shall be appointed to act as a medical corps in case of hostilities with Mexico. Failure to pass the physical examination at Camp Ferris, 17 members of Co. have returned to their homes in Pontiac. It left Co. with A muster roll of 95.

None of the officers were disqualified. Sixty days in the county jail, with a fine of $200 besides, is the penalty Charles Alberts must pay because he sold booze to a certain number of friends he invited to his Judge Weiner declared that Kalamazoo must be freed of bootleggers, 'who are now engaged in breaking the lig. ucr taws. interest. money.

Supervisor Blard recommended that the suit against County Clerk Pearson, a test action to show whether he was entitied to $2.500 in marriage and naturalization fees, he. dropped, if Pearson and others will pay all future fees into the county treasury. It is estimated that national guard members who have gone tor the Mexican border have at least 75 per cent less cause for apprehension that they will fall victims to any of the diseases that cut down many times war than bullets than who went more soldiers in the Spanish to Cuba 18 years ago. Typhoid fever and dysentry are practically unknown now because of the purification of the water, because of vaccination of soldiers and because of the elimination of flies through camp sanitation, smallpox is practically unknown. Infantile paralysis has caused 13 deaths in Michigan since Jan.

1, two of these occuring in June. according to the monthly mortality report issued by the secretary of state. This 7 9' 1 1 1.

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