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>> they're suing to make their building better. >> always live. abc seven news starts right now. >> blood stains, duct tape, a plastic bag, a mattress. items of evidence that are at the heart of scott peterson's quest for a new trial. 20 years after he was convicted of killing his wife, laci, and their unborn son, connor. good evening. i'm ama daetz and i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us. today was the latest court hearing since the la innocence project picked up scott peterson's case in january. >> late today, the judge denied all new testing of evidence in this case. besides one. >> abc seven news i-team reporter dan noyes was in san mateo superior court and is here with the story. dan. well, dan and i'm a major step. >> the judge approved dna testing for 15.5in piece of duct tape recovered from laci's pants during her autopsy. if third party dna is found there, that could be a very big step for scott peterson. the director of the los angeles innocence project gave an hour and 15

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minute rapid fire argument that scott peterson deserves to have the deaths of his wife, laci, and their unborn son. connor in 2002 investigated further. >> no murder weapon was found. no time or even date of death is established, no cause and manner of death were ever established. there were no eyewitnesses implicating mr. peterson. the evidence against him centered almost entirely on conjecture over possible motive. >> peterson now 51 years old, watched from mule creek state prison, where he's serving life without the possibility of parole. his lawyers say favorable dna evidence would change the outcome of the trial, and they called for new dna testing for target bag wrapped in duct tape, found near the spot where laci and conner's bodies were found. and they want new dna testing of a blood stain on a mattress from a van set on fire in modesto, two days after laci disappeared. no evidence connecting that case to peterson at this point. >> the bottom line is that that

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mattress really needs to be tested just thoroughly, completely tested. >> is there anything on it or not? we don't know. >> a special prosecutor from stanislaus county who worked the first scott peterson case said dna testing done on that mattress in 2013 found only male blood. he said the murder case has been adjudicated fully. >> we're not just talking about the first motion. we're not even talking about the stipulation. we're talking about. this is the third bite at the apple that the defendant is asking this court to address. >> harris focused the hearing back on peterson and his litany of lies. he told new girlfriend amber frey in the weeks before his pregnant wife disappeared. >> the defense has never explained how mr. peterson was able to tell people that this would be his first holiday. back in the christmas, his first holiday without his wife. >> harris also said the defense never explained why peterson was researching tide charts for san francisco bay. and then weeks later, laci and conner's bodies were found in that same

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location, repeated lie after lie after lie after lie of this defendant, during the investigation of all of these different things that dealt with the accused disappearance of his wife and unborn son, the judge denied new dna testing for everything else, including twine found on conner's neck. >> he had no injuries anywhere on his body. by the way, they are back in court on july 15th for a hearing on discovery. so this will keep on going on and you'll be back in court as well. >> all right. thanks thank you, dan, very much. >> today in san francisco, the state criminal trial against david depape began one day after he was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for his assault on the husband of former house speaker nancy pelosi. abc seven news reporter stephanie sierra was in the courtroom today following the story. >> opening statements revealed new details about david depapes reported mental state leading up to the attack. both the prosecution and the defense made

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their case to the jury. the only difference with this trial is that depape is facing more felonies that carry a life sentence, including attempted murder. chilling new details from david depapes defense team revealed he struggled with a personality disorder leading up to his attack on paul pelosi. public defender adam lipson says it involved fantastical thinking, where depape believed he could read people's minds and even thought gypsy taub, the mother of his kids, transformed into a doppelganger. depape was described to the jury as homeless before moving into a garage. lipson says it was there where he would spend most of his days playing video games and watching hundreds of thousands of hours of what he described as a rabbit hole of conspiracy talk , adding the 44 year old even wanted to interview then house speaker nancy pelosi while wearing a unicorn costume. all of this pointing to the defense strategy, lipson said, quote, you'll never hear depape say he intended to kill paul pelosi. >> the most serious charge here is the attempted murder in order

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to be convicted of an attempt crime, you need to have specific intent. >> legal expert adam gassner, who has been following the case, explains depape did not meet the bar to be declared incompetent to stand trial. >> well, i think it certainly will sympathize, mr. depape. in the eyes of the jury, mental health is a crisis in this country. >> meanwhile, the government began with crime scene photos of paul pelosi on the floor in a pool of his own blood, recounting the early morning hours of october 28th, 2022, where pelosi woke up in his dark bedroom with depape standing over him with a hammer. >> they want to get that emotional attachment. we'll really get a feel for what this case is all about. the jury consists of seven men and five women. >> the trial continues tomorrow, and on friday, paul pelosi is expected to testify for the i-team. stephanie sierra, abc seven news. >> a professional cowboy says richmond police violently arrested him as he recorded the end of a car chase. this

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incident happened earlier this month, and now the man known as cowboy crazy is taking legal action. abc seven news reporter melanie woodrow is in the newsroom with the story. melanie. >> dan richmond police had stopped a vehicle they say had been involved in a shooting outside of joe's market on mcdonald avenue, may 5th, around 10 p.m. as they were taking people out of that vehicle into custody, crazy gus started videotaping. >> his attorney says he was exercising his rights to film the police. richmond police say he was obstructing a police officer. in this video of a police stop may 5th, richmond police sergeant alexander kane turns his attention to crazy gus filming the interaction from nearby, shouting expletives as he tells gus to get out of the way, way so expletives, telling kane to shut up when sergeant kane began pushing him. according to a complaint filed. the complaint says another bystander intervened as a second police officer, nicholas remick,

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continued the assault on gus. >> i feel like being racist, you know what i mean? because a young black man with a camera, you know, and got a white man with an attitude and a badge and essentially abused him in ways that was woefully unjustified. >> and this was a person who was exercising his constitutional rights. >> the complaint alleges the two handcuffed gus, kicked him in his ankle, forced him to the ground and placed their knees on his back and ribs also that they pushed his face into the ground. >> and when i tell you they was doing the most. most dogged they was just they was just literally just dogging me. >> according to the complaint, gus was treated at the hospital for a head injury, lower back pain, wrist pain, bruising to his ribs and acute stress disorder. also that the encounter has affected his employment as a professional cowboy, training horses, riding in rodeos and giving lessons on my wrist. >> they hurt all the way from cinco de mayo, still aching every night. i've been having nightmares, bad dreams, the

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complaint alleges. >> sergeant kane had several complaints while serving as a k-9 handler, and that this incident suggests richmond pd failed to remediate kane. >> this was a cop who was out of control. >> earlier this month, richmond police told abc seven news chief baeza french had launched an investigation into the incident by an outside entity due to the office of professional accountability being short staffed. a spokesperson said. since it's an open and active investigation, they are not releasing body camera footage at this time and richmond police say while the investigation is being conducted, sergeant kane will be temporarily reassigned to an administrative position without contact with the public. we reached out to the city attorney and city manager's office for comment and have not yet heard. back in the newsroom. melanie woodrow, abc seven news. >> all right, melanie, thanks very much. novato police have arrested eight middle schoolers in connection with what some parents are calling out of control, bullying. this is video of an assault of two female students at sinaloa middle school on friday. police say it

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was a planned attack targeted one of the students. they say a second kid stepped in to stop the fight and was also assaulted . upset parents packed the school library last night to talk about this. they were looking for answers. the mother of one of the students caught on camera throwing punches, says her daughter and others were responding to being bullied in east oakland more than five months after an apartment fire damaged a building. >> some tenants are still dealing with the aftermath. they say that includes electrical issues and pollution from a generator. as abc seven news reporter anser hassan found, they're now suing their landlord and also pointing a finger at the city of oakland. >> and then it just dies to the point where i have to turn off and turn on the switch inside. >> ana bolanos apartment, there are problems with the stove and pollution coming from a generator outside her window. she says both are issues related to an electrical fire in january that damaged the building. >> i have a fan on 24 over seven for the carbon monoxide smell that we are smelling all day,

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every day. >> the generator was installed as a temporary fix to power four units still dealing with electrical issues. that does not include bolanos apartment, but she says she's still impacted. she says she has a note from the doctor indicating how the fumes are causing her children health issues. she's still struggling with power issues. >> p-g-and-e's and even the fire department said it was temporary light by that. i don't know what they mean. i don't know if it can happen again, i don't know if we would be without power sometime soon. >> tenants say all 18 units of the building were without power and hot water for a month after the fire. during that time, tenants say they spent thousands of dollars and out of pocket expenses. they claim their complaints went unanswered for months. they're now suing for reimbursem*nt and breach of contract. >> the landlord has committed a lot of violations of the warranty of habitability. he's violated the tenant protection ordinance and quite frankly, just based on common sense. he left the tenants with no housing

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for weeks. >> the landlord did not return requests for comment, but the lawyer for the tenants say the landlord has agreed to meet on friday like he requested his rent monthly. >> and i pay for it monthly. i request my unit to be up to code. >> tenants rights groups say the city of oakland's policies are partly to blame for their problems as well. they claim properties are not routinely inspected, and that the city's complaint based code enforcement program makes tenants vulnerable to retaliation. >> the city that is light years away from having a proactive rental inspection program that could prevent these issues from happening to begin with, the city of oakland did not return our request for comment. >> in oakland, anser hassan, abc seven news. >> still to come tonight. funding and freezing how oakland plans to address a $117 million budget deficit, plus how the architects of. >> i think they can use it to build a better bay area. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. summer's coming early.

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i'll show you who will feel it and who will escape it.

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and big bucks for the bay area, especially san francisco, which is the center of the ai boom. abc seven news reporter suzanne fawn was at today's gen ai summit and is here now with a look at the growth that ai suzanne could bring us here. >> so, dan, many of the big headlines surrounding i have been about open ai and google and the new technology they've introduced recently. it's part of a constantly evolving landscape. now, many ceos and

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tech employees at the three day gen ai summit say that changed that energy, that innovation is drawing more money and more business to the bay area. >> gen ai is really, you know, the future generative artificial intelligence. >> it's all the talk at the gen ai summit at the palace of fine arts in san francisco, 10,000 people are expected to attend the conference sponsored by microsoft and gpt dao big names are turning out like nvidia, openai, microsoft and ibm. ai is bringing people all around the world to san francisco, like sharon moran, the director of force interactive in malaysia. >> there's no ai event yet in the uh- in malaysia and indonesia, so that's why we flew here to actually learn from the experts here, because there are so many developments here. so many companies here. >> some leaders have declared san francisco the ai capital of the world. >> forbes just declared in 2024 that at the top 50 ai companies in the world, 21 are right here

6:16 pm

in san francisco with a billion investment. >> ai is moving into this next phase, and the next phase is all about your private data. >> rodrigo leung is co-founder and ceo of sambanova, and one of the key speakers of day one at gen ai summit. liang agrees that ai is redefining and reshaping san francisco and the bay area. >> we're based out of palo alto and the amount of innovation in this area when it comes to ai is just tremendous, and it's really a beacon for a lot of the uh- technologists to come here. >> big and small ai companies are thriving in the bay area. mark siri, ceo of bouquet in san jose, agrees. his consulting company helps people use ai in marketing departments. >> it's been a lot of studies that show that cities are successful in technology because they're part of a ecosystem, it's not just about the technology companies, but it's also about the universities that

6:17 pm

are in the area, whether it's stanford and berkeley and what the contributions they make to ai and how that helps the whole ecosystem. >> everything is here. if you want to start a company, if you want to go change the world. san francisco in the bay area is still one of the best places to do it on the planet, and there is some skepticism about how much san francisco will benefit from ai, according to reporting from our media partner, the san francisco standard. >> while ai companies have signed san francisco's biggest lease deals in recent memory, the number of jobs they're actually creating is less than in previous tech booms. some experts say it's because they're using their own ai technology to do more with less. but for downtown san francisco, something may be better than nothing. back to you. all right. >> thank you so much, suzanne. excitement is high for a weekend rave in san francisco. and not just from those attending. more than 20,000 fans are expected saturday at civic center for an electronic music concert featuring dj skrillex and producer fred, again with 40% of

6:18 pm

attendees reportedly coming from outside the bay area. local businesses say events like these might be the boost downtown needs. >> i don't think that there's really that one, silver bullet when it comes to, you know, revitalizing and reimagining downtown san francisco post-pandemic. but having that consistent drumbeat of exciting events and activations is definitely going to be a big factor. >> this event is not organized by san francisco, but the city is offering up grants of up to $50,000 for future downtown entertainment events. >> all right. gorgeous day all around the bay area to the today. the wind died off a little bit. nice and warm, but not too hot. yes >> so what's coming for the rest of the week? meteorologist sandhya patel has that for us. sandhya? yeah, and dan, we're talking about heat in our inland areas. >> we're going to see those temperatures soar into the 90s today. we had a couple of spots make it up into the 90s. places like fairfield. let me show you the temperature trend compared to 24 hours ago. running 11 degrees warmer in san carlos, up

6:19 pm

seven in concord. you pretty much get the drift here. and some areas are actually going to get even warmer tomorrow. so today's high temperature in san jose. looking at the almanac 82 degrees. the average is 76 above average. and we're going to stay that way for a couple of days. high pressure bringing us the warmth today. it's still in command. and so it will continue to keep us on the warm side inland or hot side depending on what you want to call it, and mild along the coast. the reason why the coast is going to stay mild is we still have a sea breeze, gusting to 29 right now in half moon bay, sfo sustained at 23 miles an hour. while it is going to be windy along the coast tonight at 7:00 inland areas not so bad as we head into late night. still breezy along the coast and then tomorrow morning winds really die down and tomorrow afternoon they're not quite as strong, which will allow those temperatures to rise even more as a folk camera showing you bright skies right now. 63 in the city it is 68. in oakland you're in the 80s around

6:20 pm

places like redwood city, 79 in san jose. and it is nothing but sunshine in san francisco, 87 in santa rosa, 72 in petaluma, where you do have a good breeze there. 80s for the rest of you, from napa to fairfield to concord and 79 in livermore from our east bay hills camera, we are looking out towards mount diablo and we are seeing a few passing high clouds. they're harmless. tomorrow and friday summer-like heat a weekend weather. it's a cooler start to june and next week that heat returns in our inland areas. tonight the heat that we did have today is going to be slow to back off. so 7:00 tonight you still have 70s and 80s inland. 9 p.m. mild inland cool along the coast. and those temperatures drop in the morning. not a lot. some patches of fog, but it's mainly going to be clear. and then later in the day, high clouds will filter the sun. but you will notice some of our inland areas do pop up into the low 90s. it's going to be a slow cooling again tomorrow evening. your morning temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. patchy fog right near the san mateo coast

6:21 pm

tomorrow afternoon. these temperatures above average once again. 85 in san jose, 86, morgan hill 76 degrees in santa cruz. it's going to be a sunny one on the peninsula. mid 70s around san mateo, menlo park, low 60s coast side. and you will also see the sun downtown san francisco 70 degrees north bay number is 83. in san rafael, 89 in calistoga, santa rosa heading into the east bay, 76 in berkeley, 78 in oakland, 81 fremont. inland areas i think you could get away with shorts and short sleeve weather. 92, in fairfield, 88 degrees in livermore. and looking at your friday still pretty warm inland, you will notice some 80s and 90s, but by saturday, as you look ahead to the weekend, those temperatures begin to drop into the 80s inland, as opposed to the 90s. the accuweather seven day forecast. enjoy the summer like weather tomorrow and the next day. we have a nice variety for everyone. weekend will be cooler for all areas. we'll drop you down and the next week

6:22 pm

temperatures are going to climb back up again. dan excellent. >> all right thanks, andy. >> a warm welcome to washington, d.c. two giant pandas are set to make their much anticipated return to the national zoo. meet bailey and xing bao. the pandas will arrive at the smithsonian zoo by the end of the year. it's through the giant panda conservation program in partnership with china. >> this collaboration with our chinese colleagues is one of the reasons why giant pandas are no longer listed as endangered, but rather only vulnerable on the global list of species at risk of extinction. >> the pandas returned to d.c. comes as san francisco is lobbying to get pandas of its own, but plans are up in the air after the city's board of supervisors rejected mayor london breeds funding proposal to make the necessary upgrades at the san francisco zoo. >> going back to work. coming up next, whthe teen summer job surge could not

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ended lower today. the dow alone lost more than 400 points, closing at 38,441. the nasdaq dropped almost 100 points from yesterday's record high. the s&p went down 39. dollar tree is getting a deal. it's moving into dozens of closed $0.99. only stores, including here in california. $0.99 only filed for

6:26 pm

bankruptcy in april and closed all of its locations. dollar tree is planning to reopen these stores with its own products under its own branding this fall. teen agers are expected to take on more summer jobs. >> experts say it's likely due to inflation, and it comes at a pivotal time for businesses. some key sectors, like sports, recreation and food service are welcoming the help as they struggle to fill positions. >> the good news here is that the job market remains strong. there is more demand for workers than there is supply of workers. the experian this, not to mention the income that's associated with real work, is something that is very meaningful and important for the development of all young people. >> all labor forecasts indicate teens will take on an additional 1.3 million jobs in may, june and july. >> a san jose state professor has been suspended next. the issues, she says, step on her constitutional rights. >> plus, in the hands of the

6:27 pm

jury, how donald trump is reacting to the start of deliberations in his historic criminal trial

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historic trial. this is the first time ever that a former us president has been tried on criminal charges. >> trump has pleaded not guilty to a 34 count indictment charging him with falsifying business records in connection with a hush money payment made leading up to the 2016 presidential election. >> reporter anthony carlo, from our sister station in new york, has a look at the case. >> reporter yeah, so the jurors have been dismissed for the day. but shortly after deliberations began, notes started coming from the jury room. the jurors requesting to rehear key parts of testimony regarding the phone calls involving donald trump and a key meeting at trump tower. trump and donald trump, who pumped his fist as he inches closer to his legal fate, was the 45th president of the united states. but in the eyes of the law, he's just a member of the community, judge juan merchan addressed the complexity of that

6:31 pm

today while instructing the jury, the first jury, to ever consider criminal charges against a former president. >> it's a disgrace, and i mean that mother teresa could not beat those charges, but we'll see trump less than optimistic after arriving by motorcade to the manhattan courtroom, trump, where for the past six weeks he's watched prosecutors present evidence to support 34 felony counts of falsifying business records at the heart of the case, an alleged cover up of hush money payments made to star stormy daniels during the 2016 election. >> prosecutors called michael cohen their star witness and former trump fixer, a tour guide through a mountain of physical evidence, the cover up and attempt to hoodwink the american voter. cohen testified that trump was directly involved in the scheme, but throughout the trial, the trump defense team centered its attack on the star witness, calling him the greatest liar of all time and

6:32 pm

saying he had an ax to grind with his former boss, judge mershon, in his instructions, reminded jurors cohen, although a government witness, is an accomplice to the alleged crime, so the jury cannot convict trump on his testimony alone. crucially, while prosecutors need to prove the business records were falsified to further another crime, they don't have to prove another crime was committed. while prosecutors have argued trump's buying of daniel's silence was to prevent a sex scandal from jeopardizing his presidential run, the defense has said trump was concerned about shielding his family from salacious stories that other crime and attempt to conceal, a violation of new york election law. the way the defendant perceives it. >> i think the people of this country see that this is a rigged deal. >> and now, day two of deliberations set to start tomorrow at 930, where we expect both sides to continue hashing out some of the notes that came from the jury before the jurors begin their deliberations.

6:33 pm

again, the judge warning them not to look at any information about this case as he says, it has reached a critical point in the proceedings in new york. anthony carlo, abc seven news. >> hours after they began deliberating, the jury asked to rehear testimony. professor rory little from uc law san francisco discussed that on abc seven's getting answers today at 3 p.m. they want to hear testimony, some testimony from david pecker, who was the editor of the publisher of the national enquirer, who had a, you know, an arrangement directly with president trump or the candidate at the time, you know, to report any bad stories and to maybe help silence some of the bad stories. >> and then so asked for some portion of michael cohen's testimony. cohen, of course, is the guy who says he arranged the payment and he uh- told trump, you know, i'm going to get reimbursem*nt from you. and so that's where the false document case rests with michael cohen. >> as we await the verdict in

6:34 pm

trump's trial, download the abc seven news app. we will send out a push alert when the jury says it's reached a verdict and we'll send that news straight to your phone and you'll always find the latest on abc seven >> kentucky prosecutors have dropped charges against the world's top golfer after he was arrested outside the pga championship, nearly two weeks ago. scottie scheffler was arrested for trying to drive around the scene of a fatal crash outside a golf course in louisville, where the tournament was being played. he was charged with felony assault on a police officer after authorities say he dragged an officer who attempted to stop his car. but video of the incident released last week casts real doubt on those claims. scheffler calls the incident a big misunderstanding. >> developing news graduate assistants and faculty workers spent another day on the picket line at uc davis and ucla. they're protesting how the uc system has handled pro-palestinian protests in recent weeks. a group of union members went on strike at uc

6:35 pm

santa cruz earlier this month. they're asking the universities to drop disciplinary and criminal charges against his members. the uc system argues these strikes violate the union's contract. a san jose state professor said she's been suspended over her stance on the war in gaza. she said the suspension is stepping on her constitutional rights and sets a troubling example. abc seven news reporter zach fuentes has more from the professor and the university doctor saying kill wears a lot of hats at san jose state university. >> that includes her role as professor in the justice studies department and also as faculty advisor for students for justice in palestine. >> i've been there for 17 years. like, i love my university. i love my job. i love the things that i do. >> doctor kill said she served as a liaison between administration and protesters involved at the encampment set up on campus earlier this month. on may 24th, kill received a letter from the university's vice president of personnel stating that she'd been suspended. doctor kill shared the letter with abc seven. it said that the suspension was for repeated violations of

6:36 pm

university policy, despite notices. it said that that included things like directing students to violate university policy and also harassing and offensive conduct and comments toward colleagues. doctor kill said the accusations are false. >> they made wild accusations baseless, with no evidence that i directed the students to do a march through the student rec center that never happened. we did not march through the student rec center. the other thing they said is that i directed the students to lay down their camps, and the students refused to listen to my orders and like, again, that like, did not happen. >> on its website, the university says it enforces a time, place and manner policy. it says it's in place to ensure that freedom of expression doesn't interfere with university functions, safety or damaged facilities. >> we have a constitutional right to free speech. we have a constitutional right to academic freedom, and we have a constitutional right for freedom of association. and these time place manner policies really impinge upon all of those kills.

6:37 pm

>> suspension is for at least 60 days. it cuts her off from communicating with students and keeps her from teaching two summer courses, and the income from them she said she was counting on. >> i really think that they're trying to make an example of me, since i was the only vocal, outspoken faculty that supported the students. >> abc seven reached out to the university, which said that it does not comment on personnel matters in san jose's zach fuentes, abc seven news. >> a bay area middle school student has advanced to the semifinals of the scripps national spelling bee. >> what is a sobriquet? a collection of flowers b a sumptuous feast c a fanciful nickname, a sobriquet is c a fanciful nickname? >> that is correct. thank you. >> that's shraddha rajamati, an eighth grader from bassist independent silicon valley upper school in san jose. she finished third in last year's spelling bee. congrats to all of the students competing this week.

6:38 pm

the semifinals are today. the finals take place tomorrow. good luck to all. >> coming up, a step forward for california's new plastic bag ban. next, a look at how it would change the rules put into place a

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her budget proposal last week, announcing the city has faced with a $117 million deficit for this fiscal year. as the council prepares its own version. abc seven news reporter ryan curry heard from two community groups divided about what should and should not be cut for fiscal disaster. >> fiscal disaster. >> pointing the finger at city leaders while oakland faces a multi-million dollar budget shortfall that is top of mind for this group. >> number one is public safety that needs to stay taken care of but expand it as well. >> the oakland city council is meeting wednesday to discuss the budget for this fiscal year. last week, mayor shengtao released her version of the budget, which mostly relies on hiring freezes and money from the coliseum sale to close the deficit. but there is a debate about funding the police. mayor

6:42 pm

tao's current plan freezes some positions, but the department's funding isn't changing that much. not only does this group want more police, they think the city should put as much money toward public safety as possible. >> it's not just more police. yes, we do need a minimum number, a proper ratio of police to citizens. residents of oakland. but it really should be a lot of focus on crime prevention. >> others don't agree. kat brooks, with the anti-police terror project, believes violence prevention is achieved with more funding for social services, not police, making sure the city is still running, making sure we have after school programs, making sure that people have social services and resources and we keep divesting or not investing in those things, and we continue to invest solely and only in the carceral state. we reached out to the mayor's office for comment and we're waiting to hear back. last week, she said the main focus was keeping public safety funded in order to close our current deficit. >> i directed city administrator justin johnson to propose a fiscally responsible but mid-cycle budget adjustment that

6:43 pm

prioritizes essential services. city council member dan cobb says he doesn't want to take funding away from the police department. >> certainly, retaining our public safety, personnel, and making sure that we're, you know, not dropping that down is critically important to your job. >> wednesday is the first of several council budget sessions. the city council has until the end of june to submit its version of the budget in oakland. ryan curry, abc seven news california's plastic bag ban could get a do over. >> legislators are debating a bill that would ban all plastic bags in grocery stores, including those getting exemptions right now, abc seven news reporter leana howland explains the change nearly a decade has passed since california made history as the first state in the country to ban single use plastic bags. >> we just know that the law is not working, jen engstrom, state director of the california public interest research group, worked on the original plastic bag ban. >> she says while plastic waste

6:44 pm

did go down for a while, the pandemic changed everything, and that's when we really saw these thicker plastic bags show up in large numbers. a loophole in the law allowed grocery stores to continue selling thicker plastic bags, considered to be reusable for at least 125 times something. our only melendez put to the test last year, 125. >> that's it. you can still use it. it's reusable. oh, it just broke. >> reality is, people are not really reusing them, so they're ending up as trash. >> according to data from cal recycle, the amount of plastic bags discarded per person increased. it reached an all time high in 2021, with more than 230,000 tons thrown away statewide. assembly member rebecca bauer-kahan of orinda is working on one of the two identical bills aiming to change that. >> we are moving to 100% paper bags in grocery stores in 2026. >> she was inspired to ban the

6:45 pm

use of these thicker, reusable bags in grocery stores by her teenage son. >> we have our grocery store right on the creek and he started to notice that in our nature areas, the trash and the bags from our grocery store were ending up in our waterways. and we could see it. >> though the companies that make these plastic bags oppose this. the american recyclable plastic bag alliance says bans for stores and shoppers to switch to other products that are more expensive. with food prices continuing to climb from near record inflation, these increased costs will be passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices. if passed, shoppers will still have a paper option, but it will also cost about a dime and they'll have to be made out of mostly recycled material. in orinda, lena howland, abc seven news. >> warmer temperatures off the coast are creating fierce storms and dramatic coastal erosions. building a better bay area means understanding what's happening now, and also understanding what is likely to happen in the next 25 years. >> every coastal city and county

6:46 pm

in the state is now beginning to think about what are our options, and there aren't very many. >> the multi-billion dollar crisis on our coast that is undermining the ground beneath communities up and down the state. watch the abc seven originals bay area to 2050 now streaming everywhere you watch abc seven and airing this saturday at 8 p.m. after coverage of the stanley cup playoffs. >> coming up next, we'll get a look at our weather forecast for the rest of the week. see what to expect when we

6:47 pm

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6:49 pm

this is the fifth and most powerful eruption in the region since december, and the eighth since the volcanic system became active three years ago after not experiencing an eruption for 800 years, or had been dormant for some time, the blue lagoon is a world famous geothermal spa and is one of iceland's most iconic attractions, according to its website. it will remain closed until at least friday. and i just texted a friend who is there on a delayed honeymoon to

6:50 pm

see if they're involved. if the nearby. so i'll find out. >> that video is incredible, i know. all right, let's get one last check on our weather. >> yes. sandyha patel is back with that sandy. >> yeah, and our weather is incredible as well. dan and umma, let's take a look at foothill high school's graduation forecast. looks good. 6:00 tomorrow in pleasanton. it's going to be 82 degrees. a lot of sun temperatures will slowly come down. it's going to be a warm one for justin-siena high tomorrow in napa 80 degrees. and then eventually those temperatures dropping off right now on live doppler seven. just some passing high clouds out there. let's talk about our summer spread tomorrow. we're going to have a nice variety 60 degrees breezy and half moon bay 70 in the city. it is going to be nice in oakland, 78 degrees 87 walnut creek and hot in antioch 90 degrees. so yeah, it's going to feel like summer. our hottest location, 92 tomorrow in fairfield. but about 76 in santa cruz. so nice looking weather and the accuweather seven day forecast does feature the heat continuing on friday inland. but along the

6:51 pm

coast and bay, the cooling begins. all areas cool. for that first weekend of june. but if you like that warm weather or hot weather, we'll bring it back next week. ama and dan. >> all right. lovely. thank you, sandy, very much. >> all right. sports director larry beil is here. and early giants game. yes. >> speaking of hot getting heated. temper, temper. things got a little tense with the giants phillies game this afternoon. bryce harper was not happy with kyle harrison or his bat or anything. not the first time he's been upset with

6:52 pm

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6:54 pm

was with the nationals. oh, it was on. harper charged through his helmet. missed with that. did not miss with his fists before everybody rushed to the mound and things calmed down fast forward today. harper also again not in a good mood after he struck out in the first. in the fourth, kyle harrison oh, high and tight. harper is like, you better not do that again. you better not. next pitch. oh, it's higher and tighter. harper really was upset. the benches not so much as they slowly empty . slowly, cooler heads prevailed. game goes on. two nothing. phils in the fifth. nick castellanos uh- drive high and deep to left. elliott ramos. oh, just missed it. looked like

6:55 pm

it was off his glove but he couldn't haul it in. so four nothing phils. and then in the eighth phillies up by five runs. harper with another chance at the plate. nobody gets punched this time, rbi single. the phillies avoid a sweep with a61 win. harrison took the loss. four runs on 12 hits allowed. he's not apologized either for pitching inside. >> just focused on the baseball part of things. and obviously things got heated, but really just trying to execute pitches. that's all i was trying to do in that moment. and i would have gone in again, you know, why not? you know, you know, we're trying to get guys out and it's a spot where i thought i could get them and, you know, might have leaked a little two in, but, really just focused on, on the baseball side and trying to execute. that's it. >> you don't mess with kyle harrison. he's from the mean streets of danville, down uh- a's and rays. this kid, he catches a foul ball. then a few seconds later, same kid again. it's the second time. that's why you bring your glove to the game. he's going to be really popular at school tomorrow too.

6:56 pm

all in the sixth. randy rose ready to try to steal home. heads up play by scott alexander and shea langeliers applies the tag. all right, this is crazy. in the eighth, a's down two run. jj bleday base hit to left. arozarena. he's throwing home. so bleday is going to go for second. max shuman breaks for home scores. the tying run. well the runner at second was thrown out three three moments ago the rays walked it off four three. final highlights about 11 oakland ballers. they've sold out their home opener which is next thursday. check out the progress at raymond park is really remarkable here. the first image was from april and now here we are in may. the field, the seats, the visitors dugout, everything is in. they have less than a week to, you know, finish it up. but they are flying and making excellent progress. the 40 niners returned to the field for more organized team activities today. still missing from the voluntary workouts, brandon aiyuk and christian mccaffrey. but another player has returned wide receiver jalen jennings. he missed last week's sessions. he arrived and signed a new two year contract. essentially, this extends his previous deal by a

6:57 pm

year, but he gets up to $15.4 million total with 10.5 million guaranteed. needless to say, he was excited. >> so excited. this moment is unreal. can't wait to rock out with y'all. as y'all can see, man, it's a big moment man, for me and my family and for this team too. can't wait to bring one home next year. let's go, let's go i'm going to do my hair like that. >> i'm just haven't decided. do you think i could pull off the orange? oh, for sure, sure. you all think? yeah. okay. two yeses. >> comment and i'm saying no. >> i'm saying no. so it's a tie. i won't do it. i can't do it. it's tied two two. we won't know until we try it. >> yes, yes. okay, then management takes you off their. oh wow. >> this escalating quickly here. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz and i'm dan ashley for sandhya patel larry biel all of us we appreciate your time. >> he can do it i know it would be. have a great

6:58 pm

6:59 pm

from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants... a gifted specialist and teacher from winston-salem, north carolina... an archivist from west lafayette, indiana...

7:00 pm

and our returning champion, a digital scholarship librarian from normal, illinois... whose one-day cash winnings total $5,200. and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!," ken jennings. thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome back to "jeopardy!" now, despite telling us yesterday that she didn't have any hope of winning coming into this, abby mann is now a "jeopardy!" champion. this following a dramatic come-from-behind win in final jeopardy, in which she defeated our four-game winner, amar kakirde. you just never know what's going to happen up here on the alex trebek stage. and today we welcome two new challengers, adriana and brian, who look eager for their chance to compete. good luck, players. let's see what our first set of categories will be in the jeopardy round. we have... up first. then... a little... hey...

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